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| Apr 09, 2021 |

(ALL) Media Management Alumni Conference

Join us for the exclusive 2021 Media Management Alumni Conference! We meet virtually on April 9th, 2021 from 10 AM – 2 PM EST via Zoom. Use this event to reconnect with your classmates, catch up with the faculty members, …

| Mar 25, 2021 |

(ALL) Women’s History Month: Women in Media

To celebrate women’s history month, we’ve invited multiple women from different streaming companies to discuss their careers, experiences, and advice. These women come from various roles within companies such as Netflix, Disney+, and Peacock. Panelists include – – Hayley Gorman …

| Mar 22, 2021 |

(ALL) Media Management Industry Hangout with Charles Schreger

The Streaming Revolution — Netflix and Everyone Else. How are the film and television industries, at last, trying to catch up with Netflix, the ultimate media disruptor, twenty years after it first began mailing out DVDs in red envelopes and …

| Mar 15, 2021 |

(ALL) Media Management Industry Hangout with Lance Weiss

Attend this Industry Hangout with Lance Weiss to learn how to make a career move into media or the arts during a pandemic. IMPORTANT Event Information: This event is open to ALL Gabelli Programs and Gabelli Faculty & Staff You …

| Mar 08, 2021 |

(ALL) Media Management Industry Hangout: Gaming with Kieley Taylor

This presentation will explore: The changing face of gamers Shifting trends in leisure/ entertainment An overview of gaming formats and media monetization opportunities Major players in the category Areas of focus for sustained, brand-suitable growth, and Predictions for the future …

| Mar 01, 2021 |

(ALL) Media Management Industry Hangout: LinkedIn Workshop 2

ADVANCED LINKEDIN: JUMP-START YOUR CAREER The evidence is clear; those who are well versed in LinkedIn are reaching their career goals more quickly. But even regular LinkedIn users are often not aware of advanced, easily accessible, free features and strategies …

| Feb 18, 2021 |

(ALL) Behind The Scenes: Streaming Services

Speaker – Erick Bretas, Director of Product and Digital Services at Globo Date – February 18th, 8:00 p.m. EST Erick Bretas is an Emmy-winning TV journalist who works for Globo, the world’s second-largest TV network, and led its digitalization creating …

| Dec 07, 2020 |

(G) MEA Holiday Game Night

What better way to end the semester and get ready for the holidays than with MEA?! Come celebrate with MEA, while we host mini-game series in break out rooms to wrap up the year, get ready for a break, and …

| Nov 02, 2020 |

(ALL) Placing Bets: Where The Investments Opportunities For Tomorrow’s Media Exist 

2020 has been a volatile investing year for both public and private companies and markets. The media industry has uniquely accelerated growth due to a variety of products and services perfectly aligned for higher consumer demand stemming from increased time …

| Aug 11, 2020 |

Media Management Virtual Summer Lunch: Think Bigger. Think Different.

In this inspirational talk, entrepreneur and best selling author Ramon Ray will encourage you to Think Bigger and Think Different. Whether you‘re a student, young adult or professional, Ramon‘s insights will inspire and encourage you to have a better career …

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