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Welcome to the Gabelli School of Business Graduate Resource page. Here you will find helpful links and information to guide you during your time at school. This site is regularly updated by the Office of Graduate Advising and Student Engagement, located in suite 126 (140 West 62nd Street). For questions or additional information, please contact any of our Assistant Deans (listed below) or our help desk at gsbgraduate@fordham.edu or 212-636-6104.

Advising Update on Coronavirus

Update on Coronavirus Resources:

During these challenging times, Fordham University and Gabelli School services and resources remain operational to continue to support you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us should you have questions, concerns, or need guidance on your individual needs. Below are a few key offices available to further support you during this time, and detailed guidance from the Office of International Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, and Health Services in light of COVID-19.

Academic Advising and Student Engagement:

We thank you for your flexibility as the University community continues to respond. Here at the Gabelli School, and greater Fordham University, we are committed to timely communication and transparency during these ever-changing times. We encourage you to keep in close contact with your academic advisors, consult Gabelli School resources, and keep your eye out for any ongoing communication from the Gabelli School or Fordham University regarding any updates or changes. At any point throughout the semester, you may use this Pulse Check to provide us with quick feedback and insight on your personal experience as a student at the Gabelli School.

The Graduate Advising team has tailored and expanded our support to assist with your unique needs during this time. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any concerns, feedback, compliments about your transition to online coursework, or advising needs by email or schedule a Zoom meeting with us so we can support you. We are happy to help however we can during these challenging times.

We have also put together this handy infographic on Tips for Successful Online Learning as well as this more in-depth Student Guide to Flexible Hybrid Learning we hope you will find helpful as you engage in online and hybrid courses!

The Office of Graduate Advising

Academic Schedule and Modality FAQ

Will there be changes to the Fall academic calendar?

Currently, there are no changes to the duration of the semester presented in the academic calendar for the 2021-2022 academic year. Fall classes will begin on Wednesday, September 1st, 2021.

Does Fordham University plan to open in September?

Fordham University does plan to reopen in September in person. We will continue to work closely with government and public health agencies to evaluate the on-going public health emergency and determine if changes to the Academic Calendar and/or manner of course delivery are needed.  Any changes will be communicated directly to the University community. Please monitor your Fordham email account.

What are online classes like? Live? Recorded?

Most classes have resumed in-person, but Gabelli School of Business does still offer a limited number of online classes. The Gabelli School is committed to developing the best possible remote educational experience, leading to an excellent in-class experience on midtown Manhattan campus. All classrooms will be equipped to live capture, so students across the globe can actively engage alongside their peers on campus.

Both hybrid and online classes will be a mix of live, synchronous classwork, and online asynchronous content you will complete on your own. If your class has a designated time during which it meets, the expectation is that you will join the class at that time. Professors will provide detailed guidance on when the course meets live in person or online as well as expectations around asynchronous participation.

Unless otherwise communicated through the course description, class syllabus, or directly from the course professor, the times indicated for courses are the times you should:

  • Online- anticipate being logged in for a live section
  • Hybrid- anticipate attending class in person

Students can participate remotely no matter their location. Remote participants will receive the same personalized attention, excellent professors, and small class sizes as those on campus.

May I begin my classes online and switch to hybrid or vice versa?

Throughout the course registration window up until the end of add/drop (end of the first week of classes), students may change their section choices. Once the course is underway, you will not be able to switch your registered sections from online to hybrid or hybrid to online. This is to ensure that we are able to maintain safe social distancing practices and assign the correct capacity classrooms for the number of students attending in-person classes.

For classes that take place in the second half of the semester, and have not yet begun meeting yet, you may utilize the late add/withdrawal form on fordham.edu to change your chosen section after the add/drop window has passed and before the second half of the term class begins.

If you experience extenuating circumstances (for example, you or a family member becomes ill with the COVID-19 virus) which necessitate a change in course modality, please immediately contact your academic advisor for support.

I am eager to start progress towards my degree but do not think I can make it in person by September.  How can I start?

To accommodate all students who may have travel or health concerns, please contact your advisor as soon as possible.  

Students who are unable to come to NYC for class should register for the online course sections of their classes.

If I start with online classes, how many credits do I have to take, and what type of classes will I be taking?

While the typical course load for a Gabelli graduate business student is 12-15 credit hours (4-5 courses), given the circumstances, your academic advisor will work with you to ensure that you are registered in the appropriate number of credits.  You should seek counsel from your assigned academic advisor to confirm any possible changes to graduation dates.

My degree program has a boot camp or summer intensive program.  How will the boot camp or summer intensive program be delivered if I start in Fall 2021?

Winter/January intensives are provided only online through our Blackboard LMS system and Zoom. Your academic advisor will provide registration information and guidance on these courses in your student advising webinar.

Will there still be a new student orientation? Can I engage remotely?

Our new student orientation, Gabelli Orientation Launch, is designed to provide you with all the information and experiences you need to be successful in your program. We offer a variety of workshops and information sessions in the weeks leading up the start of the semester. These include workshops in time management, career development, team bonding, and information sessions with student clubs and the Office of International Students. Some of these events are for all incoming graduate students and others will be program-specific. This is a great way to meet members of your cohort, members of other cohorts, and our staff, administration, and faculty. The specifics of your Gabelli Orientation Launch experience unique to your graduate program will be communicated to you via your Fordham email and the Gabelli Launch Blackboard course.

Will there be a tuition fee restructuring if students choose to stay online/ face-to-face classes are still suspended?

We are committed to providing the highest quality instruction and student experience no matter the modality. Tuition and fee structures will remain unchanged.

What should I do if I want to take the semester off or delay my first term of enrollment?

New, incoming students beginning their program in Fall 2021 and interested in deferring their first semester should reach out to admissionsgb@fordham.edu.

Continuing students should schedule an appointment to discuss with their program academic advisor if they are interested in taking a semester off.

Fall 2021 New International Student FAQ

NOTE: Please be sure to regularly refer to the most current updates from OIS related to COVID-19 available on the OIS website. Fall 2021 guidelines from Immigration and this page were most recently updated 8/19/2021.

Can I register for a hybrid course in order to maintain my F-1 status, but complete it online?

Registering for a hybrid course indicates to the university and immigration that you are attending this course in a hybrid format which includes in-person instruction. You cannot engage entirely in remote, online instruction in the spring and maintain your F-1 status.

I am an international student and have or will be requesting an I-20 to obtain an F1 Visa. How will a flexible arrival impact this process?

International applicants are issued I-20’s with a September start date.  If an international student knows that they will not be able to arrive for a September start date, they must inform their assigned academic advisor of their predicted arrival date immediately and register for online courses. They must also notify OIS about their situation, as OIS must then adjust the I-20 start date.

International students who are still in the US and are continuing their studies in the US after a transfer or change of educational level at Fordham University should try to register for hybrid in-person sections if their F-1 status is active.

If I begin my studies online, can I arrive to campus halfway through the term once my F-1 visa is issued?

Our Office of International Services is in regular contact with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security.  General guidance is that students must arrive to the US within 30 days of the start of a given semester.

At the present time, OIS is awaiting further guidance from Immigration about what changes, if any, may take place for the Fall 2021 semester. However, as soon as OIS hears from immigration they will notify our community. If you need more immediate advice, please contact OIS.

How is my F-1 status/CPT/OPT eligibility affected if I cannot make it to campus by September?

International work authorizations (student visa, CPT, OPT) remain unchanged.  Students must be inactive F-1 student status for at least two full semesters before they are eligible for CPT and/or OPT.

Our Office of International Services is in regular contact with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security.  If any changes are made in response to the current pandemic, we will communicate those to you in a timely manner. If you need more immediate advice, please contact OIS.

If I start online in the spring and arrive in person later, is my graduation date impacted?

Engaging in online coursework will not impact your graduation date. Students should seek counsel from their assigned academic advisor to discuss any possible changes to program completion or graduation dates.

If for some reason you must do the whole master’s program online, are you still able to apply and get OPT?

Students completing the entirety of their degree online are not eligible for OPT. Additional guidance from OIS related to the impact of COVID-19 on visas and OPT is available on the OIS website

Student Resources
  • Academic Advising: Our team fosters developmental, collaborative, and supportive partnerships between students and academic advisors. Together we will explore your academic, career, and life goals, and identify the courses, enrichment activities, engagement opportunities, and resources you may leverage to make informed decisions and achieve results.
  • Career Services (CDC): This center, known to students as the CDC, provides end-to-end career services for Gabelli School of Business graduate students. Our goal is to help you translate your Fordham academic experience into meaningful, productive academic-year internships and post-graduation jobs.
  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS): A comprehensive mental health center that is dedicated to promoting the emotional and psychological health and wellness of our students. CPS provides a range of services, including individual counseling, discussion groups, and workshops, to help students address and cope more effectively with their stress and psychological concerns.
  • Enrollment Services/Academic Records: The Enrollment Group at Fordham includes undergraduate admission, management of financial aid, registration, student employment, tuition billing, diplomas, and enrollment research. acadrecords@fordham.edu
  • Office of Disability Services (ODS): ODS helps to ensure equal educational access and opportunity for all members of our community. In the Jesuit tradition of cura personalis, members of the ODS staff work individually with each student to understand his or her strengths and limitations in order to develop their most effective and comprehensive accommodation plan.
  • Office of International Services (OIS): For our international non-immigrant students, OIS facilitates your adjustment to life in the United States by assisting in matters concerning immigration, such as Visas and Status, SEVIS I-20 or DS-2019 forms, Employment (CPT, OPT, internships), Travel authorizations
  • Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA): Upholds the University’s mission to honor and revere the dignity and uniqueness of each person, in keeping with the Jesuit and Catholic fundamentals of faith, hope, and love. OMA includes Cultural Clubs, Diversity Peer Leaders, LGBTQ resources, and Programs and Events.
  • Title IX Office: The Title IX Coordinator’s Office provides University leadership in enhancing a respectful, diverse, and inclusive work and learning environment for the Fordham Community.
  • Library: The Gerald M. Quinn Library at Lincoln Center contains some 500,000 volumes and is named in memory of the late Dean of Fordham College at Lincoln Center. In addition to a general collection serving Fordham College at Lincoln Center, the Quinn Library also has strong collections in business, education, and social service serving the three graduate schools on that campus.
  • Writing Center: A service free to all Fordham students that seeks to encourage and improve student writing of all levels and disciplines. Our aim is to provide personalized instruction that will develop your skills and help you become a more confident writer.
Student Forms

All Students:
To withdraw from a course during the withdrawal period, or late register after add/drop with professor permission – Navigate from My.Fordham Student tab in the “Student Services” box, under “Electronic Forms”

Update your Graduation Date

Tutorials/Independent Study

Internship Project- NOT for Internship Project Course offered for MSQF and MSGF students, NOT for CPT authorization (see CPT form under “International Students”)

Maintaining Matriculation – For students intending to take a semester off, vacation term, or leave of absence

Exemptions from Immunization Requirements- email form to health@fordham.edu. Link to Covid-19 Requirements here

International Students:

Curricular Practical Training- For internships and full-time work during academic program

Optional Practical Training- For work authorization upon graduation

Other Helpful Departments and Links
Student Advisory Council

SAC’s Mission

What is SAC? SAC simply stands for Student Advisory Council. It is comprised of 6 elected members of the student body. Typically, these elected students are 2nd year MBAs, as well as a student representative from our Professional MBA and Executive MBA cohort. For the Fall 2020 semester, we will be welcoming representatives from the MS programs.

What exactly does SAC do? The primary purpose of SAC is to ensure a smooth working relationship between the students, faculty, and the administration with respect to both academic and non-academic activities. Basically, we advocate on behalf of the student body! SAC is also responsible for the allocation of designated funds to GSB Student Clubs.

Important Links:

Student Advisory Council 2021-22 Board

Email: gsbsac@fordham.edu

President: Jason Gurtata
VP of Full-time Students: Elainne Diaz
VP of Part-time Students: Melissa Lapine
VP of International Students: Janez Koprivec
VP of Events: Ayanna Egbarin
Treasurer: Devin Zdanowski

Gabelli Graduate Peer Advisors

The Gabelli Graduate Peer Advising program connects established graduate students with incoming new students to provide support, guidance, and information and help with their transition to the Gabelli School of Business and New York City. Gabelli Graduate Peer Advisors also work with the Office of Graduate Advising and Student Engagement, university administrators, and the Student Advisory Council (SAC) to collaborate on ideas and represent their Gabelli graduate program.

Please feel free to connect with any of our peer advisors of your choosing, whether because they are participating in the same academic program as you, or because they have similar backgrounds, hobbies, or career interests as you. Please visit the Gabelli Graduate Peer Advisor page to view our current Peer Advisors!

Annual Gabelli Grad Events
  • ACG Cup
  • BHMBAA Halloween Bash
  • Chinese Business Society Lunar New Year Party
  • Disorientation Week
  • Fordham Accounting and Tax Society Career Day
  • Fordham Women in Business Conference
  • Friendsgiving
  • Gabelli’s Got Talent Show
  • Graduate Finance Society Conference
  • Last Lecture Series
  • March Data Crunch Competition
  • SAC Homecoming BBQ and Football Game
  • SAC Welcome Back Bash
  • Spring Gala
  • Ugly Sweater Holiday Party
Recent Graduates and Alumni

For information for recent graduates and alumni, please visit this page.

Fall 2021 Incoming Students

Get the latest information, including tuition and fees, based on your academic program:


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