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Current Student Graduate Resources

Welcome to the Gabelli School of Business Graduate Resource page. Here you will find helpful links and information to guide you during your time at school. This site is regularly updated by the Office of Graduate Advising and Student Engagement, located in suite 126 (140 West 62nd Street). For questions or additional information, please contact any of our Assistant Deans (listed below) or our help desk at gsbgraduate@fordham.edu or 212-636-6104.

Advising Update on Coronavirus

Update on Coronavirus Resources:

During these challenging times, Fordham University and Gabelli School services and resources remain operational to continue to support you remotely. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us should you have questions, concerns, or need guidance on your individual needs. Below are a few key offices available to further support you during this time, and detailed guidance from Office of International Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, and Health Services in light of COVID-19.

Spring 2020 Grading Policy Update:

Recognizing the unusual academic circumstances in which we find ourselves, we have decided to modify our policy around taking courses Pass/Fail during the Spring 2020 semester. 

For Spring 2020 only:

  • Students may opt to designate any Gabelli Graduate Business School course in which they are enrolled as Pass/Fail (P/F).
  • The last day for students to make this decision will be Friday, April 24. Once chosen, the P/F option cannot be switched in anticipation of a high letter grade; conversely, the likelihood of a low letter grade is not grounds for a belated request for a P/F.
  • This option is voluntary. Students who wish to complete their coursework for a letter grade may do so.
  • Credit will be granted for a passing grade, and no credit awarded for a failing grade. Since there is no numerical equivalent, the grade is not computed in the student’s GPA index.
  • If you are registered for a course outside of the Gabelli School this semester, we are unable to extend the Pass/Fail option to these courses.

We hope this modification helps to alleviate some of the stress caused by the necessary measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at Fordham.

Please note that a new process for selecting the Pass/Fail option will be announced shortly. For more insight on the Pass/Fail grading options please visit the Pass/Fail Spring 2020 Grading Option FAQ tab below.

Academic Advising and Student Engagement:

Even though we will not be together physically on campus for the next several weeks, we want to keep you connected with your Gabelli family as much as possible with a supportive, fun, and enriching environment remotely. 

  • The Student Advisory Council (SAC) and Graduate Advising and Student Engagement teams are hard at work creating a calendar of virtual events, chats, panels, competitions, and forums, that we are calling #GabelliConnected. Details will be included in each week’s “Grad Business Insider”

We thank you for your flexibility as the University community adjusts to this new method of instruction. The Graduate Advising team is available for continued remote support during this time. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any concerns, feedback, compliments about your transition to online coursework, or advising needs by email or schedule a Zoom meeting with us so we can support you. We are happy to help however we can during these challenging times.

The Office of Graduate Advising

Pass/Fail Spring 2020 Grading Option FAQ

Q: If I want to keep ALL of my grades in a lettered mode, do I need to do anything?

A: No, you do not need to do anything as the default grade mode is standard lettered.

Q: My course for the spring term already ended and/or I already received a grade for my spring class, can I still request this be changed to a P/F grade?

A: Only courses which are currently ongoing and for which you have not already received a final grade are eligible for a P/F grade.

Q: Can I take all my ongoing spring courses Pass/Fail?

A: If you are a financial aid or scholarship recipient, you will need to take at least one course for a letter grade in order to maintain satisfactory academic progress. More generally, we recommend all students take at least one course for a letter grade. Please speak to your academic advisor if you have concerns about this.

Q: Will I receive full academic credit for a course taken Pass/Fail?

A: If you receive a grade of Pass you will receive full academic credit for the course. If you receive a grade of Fail you will receive no academic credit for the course.

Q: How will Pass/Fail affect my GPA?

A: Pass/Fail has no impact, positively or negatively, on your GPA.

Q: What grade do I need to earn in order to receive a grade of “Pass” for a course in which I elect Pass/Fail?

A: Students must earn a grade of D or higher to receive a grade of Pass.

Q: How will I know how I am doing in a course or if I am on track to receiving a “Pass” in the course?

A: Please reach out to your course professors for more guidance.

Q: My current cumulative GPA is below 3.0, i.e., not good academic standing. Can I switch my courses to Pass/Fail?

A: You will want to be sure that your end of term GPA improves above a 3.0. Courses taken Pass/Fail will not affect your GPA, so it may be in your best interest to take your courses for a letter grade. Please reach out to your academic advisor to discuss your particular situation in more detail.

Q: Can I switch to Pass/Fail if I am pursuing a CPA-licensure qualifying program and will be submitting my transcript to NASBA?

A: Yes, you can. As per NASBA website the Pass/Fail grades are acceptable when students earn credits at accredited universities.

Q: My employer is requesting the grade report each term for tuition remission. Will it reimburse tuition for Pass/Fail graded courses?

A: Individual employers specify the terms of the tuition remission benefit. Please reach out to your employer’s HR with this question.

Q: Will I still be eligible for my student financial aid if I switch to Pass/Fail?  

A:  If you are a financial aid or scholarship recipient, you will need to take at least one course for a letter grade in order to maintain satisfactory academic progress. Please reach out to your academic advisor to discuss your particular situation in more detail.

Q: Will I still be eligible for scholarship if I switch some of my courses to Pass/Fail?

A: Yes, scholarships will be disbursed for students who earn P grades. Note that P grades do not impact your cumulative GPA. If you are a scholarship recipient, you will need to take at least one course for a letter grade in order to maintain satisfactory academic progress. For more information, please reach out to admissionsgb@fordham.edu.

Q: I am a Pre-MBA student. Will I be admitted to the Professional MBA Program if I switch to Pass/Fail?

A: Yes, Pre-MBA students who earn P grades will be considered for admission to the Professional MBA program.

Q: If I declare one or more courses pass/fail, am I still eligible for Dean’s List and Graduation honors?

A: Yes. Dean’s Lists and graduation honors will be computed on the basis of your cumulative GPA. 

Q: I’m a Veteran and my tuition is paid for by the government.  Can I declare any courses pass/fail?

A: Pass/Fail classes will not impact our GI Bill users entitlements now or in the future unless the VA change their rules.  Currently, there is no indication that they will.

Q: I declared a course pass/fail, but then changed my mind.  Can I change it back to graded?

A: No. Once you have elected to take a course Pass/Fail you cannot revert back to a letter graded format. However, please remember that you have until Friday April 24 (11:59 p.m. EST) to make your decisions.

Q: I am taking a cross-registered course in another school at Fordham University (ie. Law or GSAS), can I also take that course Pass/Fail?

A: No, Pass/Fail options are only available for courses taken within the Gabelli School.

Q: What if I need to access the earned grade after the semester is over. For example, to submit as part of a PhD program application.  Will I be able to access that?

A:  No. If you think that you will need access to the letter grade for any reason, then you should not take the course pass/fail.

Q: I’m taking a course that is a prerequisite for GSB Graduate courses.  Is it ok to take this course Pass/Fail?

A: Yes. All courses for which you receive a grade of Pass in the Spring 2020 semester will be accepted as prerequisites for other graduate courses at Gabelli School.

Q: Who should I contact if I have any additional questions about declaring a course Pass/Fail?

A: We encourage you to speak with your academic advisor about your choice and about any impact your choices might have for success in future courses or admissions to future programs.

Q: By when do I need to make a decision about taking courses P/F?

A: The last day for students to make this decision will be Friday April 24 (11:59 p.m. EST)

Q: How do I opt-in to change one or more of my course grades to a P/F grade?

A: To designate a course(s) Pass/Fail, go to https://www.fordham.edu/covid19-pf-spring2020, log in, and complete the required information. The deadline to make the request is April 24, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time (New York time).

Once the Pass/Fail request is submitted, it will be reviewed and processed by the Office of Academic Records. You will receive a confirmation email from the Office of Academic Records when the request is processed. You will not be permitted to request a standard letter grade (A-F) after you submit a request for a Pass/Fail grade.

Please note that there is no GPA associated with the Pass/Fail grade option. If you choose to select courses as pass/fail, you need to make sure your current GPA is at the minimum standard for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and institutional aid renewal. For your reference, we have provided the SAP policies for Gabelli School Graduate students.

Please be sure to read all instructions and guidance criteria indicated above in this FAQ to determine the best course of action for you, and reach out to your academic advisor should you have additional questions. No action is required if you wish to receive a standard letter grade for the courses for which you are enrolled for the Spring 2020.

Student Resources
  • Academic Advising: Our team fosters developmental, collaborative, and supportive partnerships between students and academic advisors. Together we will explore your academic, career, and life goals, and identify the courses, enrichment activities, engagement opportunities, and resources you may leverage to make informed decisions and achieve results.
  • Career Services (CDC): This center, known to students as the CDC, provides end-to-end career services for Gabelli School of Business graduate students. Our goal is to help you translate your Fordham academic experience into meaningful, productive academic-year internships and post-graduation jobs.
  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS): A comprehensive mental health center that is dedicated to promoting the emotional and psychological health and wellness of our students. CPS provides a range of services, including individual counseling, discussion groups, and workshops, to help students address and cope more effectively with their stress and psychological concerns.
  • Enrollment Services/Academic Records: The Enrollment Group at Fordham includes undergraduate admission, management of financial aid, registration, student employment, tuition billing, diplomas, and enrollment research. acadrecords@fordham.edu
  • Office of Disability Services (ODS): ODS helps to ensure equal educational access and opportunity for all members of our community. In the Jesuit tradition of cura personalis, members of the ODS staff work individually with each student to understand his or her strengths and limitations in order to develop their most effective and comprehensive accommodation plan.
  • Office of International Services (OIS): For our international non-immigrant students, OIS facilitates your adjustment to life in the United States by assisting in matters concerning immigration, such as Visas and Status, SEVIS I-20 or DS-2019 forms, Employment (CPT, OPT, internships), Travel authorizations
  • Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA): Upholds the University’s mission to honor and revere the dignity and uniqueness of each person, in keeping with the Jesuit and Catholic fundamentals of faith, hope, and love. OMA includes Cultural Clubs, Diversity Peer Leaders, LGBTQ resources, and Programs and Events.
  • Title IX Office: The Title IX Coordinator’s Office provides University leadership in enhancing a respectful, diverse, and inclusive work and learning environment for the Fordham Community.
  • Library: The Gerald M. Quinn Library at Lincoln Center contains some 500,000 volumes and is named in memory of the late Dean of Fordham College at Lincoln Center. In addition to a general collection serving Fordham College at Lincoln Center, the Quinn Library also has strong collections in business, education, and social service serving the three graduate schools on that campus.
  • Writing Center: A service free to all Fordham students that seeks to encourage and improve student writing of all levels and disciplines. Our aim is to provide personalized instruction that will develop your skills and help you become a more confident writer.
Student Forms

All Students:

To withdraw from a course during the withdrawal period, or late register after add/drop with professor permission – Navigate from My.Fordham Student tab in the “Student Services” box, under “Electronic Forms”

Update your Graduation Date

Tutorials/Independent Study

Internship Project- NOT for Internship Project Course offered for MSQF and MSGF students, NOT for CPT authorization (see CPT form under “International Students”)


International Students:

Curricular Practical Training- For internships and full-time work during academic program

Optional Practical Training- For work authorization upon graduation

Other Helpful Departments and Links
Student Advisory Council

SAC’s Mission

The purpose of the Student Advisory Council (SAC) shall be to ensure a continuing working relationship between the Gabelli School of Business graduate student body, faculty and administration with respect to academic and non-academic activities. SAC is also responsible for the allocation of designated funds to GSB Student Clubs.

Important Links:

Student Advisory Council 2019-20 Board

Board Members

President: Madeline Jordan 

VP of Full-time: Juan Lechin 

VP of Part-time: Beth Holub 

VP of International: Sandeep Jacob

VP of Events: Catherine Borja

Treasurer: Mark Lundgren

Annual Gabelli Grad Events
  • BHMBAA Halloween Bash
  • Chinese Business Society Lunar New Year Part
  • Disorientation Week
  • Fordham Accounting and Tax Society Career Day
  • Fordham Women in Business Conference
  • Friendsgiving
  • Gabelli’s Got Talent Show
  • Graduate Finance Society Conference
  • SAC Homecoming BBQ and Football Game
  • SAC Welcome Back Bash
  • Spring Gala
  • Ugly Sweater Holiday Party

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