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Featured Events
Featured Events | Mar 04, 2020 |

Women in Business: Be an Advocate and a Facilitator

At the 21st Annual Fordham Women in Business Conference held at the Gabelli School of Business on February 28, female leaders from across different sectors introduced March’s Women History Month by offering advice and insights on the future for gender …

Featured Events
Featured Events | Mar 02, 2020 |

Misdiagnosing Quality the Biggest Mistake People Make in Investing

“How can we change the paradigm of investing when we want higher returns and lower risk?” This question was posed by global investment contrarian Rupal J. Bhansali to an audience at the McNally Amphitheater on February 18th. At the event, …

Featured Events
Featured Events | Feb 20, 2020 |

Making Bigger Decisions Better: Cheryl Einhorn’s AREA Method

Before author Cheryl Einhorn began helping people around the world to make financial decisions, she made a critical decision that would change her career trajectory. After making her way through college by working at the division of the Federal Trade …

Featured Events
Featured Events, Gabelli100 | Feb 10, 2020 |

The Road Ahead for the Future of Work

What will “work” look like in 20 years? Will the traditional nine-to-five job even exist? How will employers recruit and retain top talent? Will humans be replaced by machines? Questions like these are emerging as technology continues to advance, new …

Featured Events
Featured Events | Feb 10, 2020 |

Strength in Numbers: Why Partnerships are Critical for Social Value Investing

When it comes to solving complex, large-scale challenges facing society, no one organization or sector can work alone. Still, solutions do exist for many of the world’s biggest problems. In fact, many are found through new partnerships that bring together …

Featured Events
Featured Events | Jan 29, 2020 |

Gabelli School of Business Celebrates Centennial

In a space where models often show off the latest fashions, the Gabelli School of Business strutted its stuff on Tuesday night as it celebrated its 100th birthday in grand style. The event, the first of a series dedicated to …

Featured Events
Featured Events | Jan 27, 2020 |

Gabelli School Students Compete in First-Ever PVH Ground Floor Challenge

On Tuesday, January 21st, Freshmen undergraduate Ground Floor students participated in the first-ever PVH Ground Floor Challenge. Six teams of finalists presented their business plan for solving one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The PVH Ground Floor …

Featured Events
Featured Events | Dec 17, 2019 |

Gabelli School of Business Hosts 8th Edition of LTAS

In an effort to solidify our presence in the service research field, the Gabelli School of Business brought together Ph.D. students and distinguished scholars for the 8th edition of the Let’s Talk About Service (LTAS) workshop, on December 5th. Speakers …

Featured Events
Featured Events, Gabelli100 | Dec 09, 2019 |

Gabelli School Celebrates 100 Years with Student Kickoff

The Gabelli School celebrated 100 years of business education at Fordham University with a student kickoff at both Lincoln Center and Rose Hill campuses, on December 5th. At Lincoln Center, students joined in on the festivities by partaking in sandwiches, …

Featured Events
Featured Events | Nov 04, 2019 |

The Road Ahead for Distressed Debt: The Next Credit Cycle is Around the Corner

When most people in the finance industry think about distressed debt, they think about failure. But there can be big wins for those willing to take on this challenging asset class. That was ever apparent on October 25th at the …

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