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Errol Pierre, SVP at a Large Non-Profit Health Plan in NY and Member of the President’s Council, Returns to Rose Hill to Discuss His New Book With Student Athletes

Featured Events, Featured News | May 04, 2023 |

On the evening of April 17, Errol Pierre, (GABELLI ’05), who was a member of the track and field team during his time at Fordham, was a guest speaker at a standing-room-only event for student athletes at the McShane Campus …

How the Puritans Invented Modern Currency

Featured Events, Featured News | May 03, 2023 |

Before the American Revolution, settlers in the Massachusetts colony planned to raid Quebec City and use their loot to pay their soldiers. After the invasion fell through, the colony created a form of payment for its military, resulting in the …

2023 Gabelli School of Business Achievement in Belonging Award Winners

Featured Events, Featured News | May 01, 2023 |

On Tuesday, April 25, the Fordham University Gabelli School of Business Office of the Dean and DEI Board hosted the 2023 Achievement in Belonging Awards Ceremony. The award ceremony was a powerful reminder of the importance of fostering a sense …

Artificial Intelligence and the Power of Prediction

Featured Events, Featured News | Apr 24, 2023 |

Whether it’s the droids in Star Wars or the reality-bending technology in The Matrix, we’ve seen what artificial intelligence can achieve in fiction. In real life, machine learning is on the rise in tech, banking, and beyond. It has the …

Fireside Chat on the Recently Published “The Enduring Value of Roger Murray” Features Insights from His Students, Mario J. Gabelli ‘65 and Leon Cooperman

Featured Events, Featured News | Mar 28, 2023 |

On January 31, 2023, the Gabelli School of Business, students, faculty members, alumni and industry partners were treated to a fascinating discussion that centered around the newly released book titled, “The Enduring Value of Roger Murray,” written by Paul Johnson, …

How Venture Capital Changed the Tech World in Silicon Valley

Featured Events, Featured News | Mar 07, 2023 |

When author Sebastian Mallaby spoke overseas about his book, The Power Law: Venture Capital and the Making of the New Future, European audiences said the Silicon Valley boom could never happen in a place where investors are generally more risk-averse …

How the 20th Century Tech Boom Left Us Rich & Uncertain

Featured Events, Featured News | Feb 28, 2023 |

In the early 1800’s, most of the world’s population lived in poverty. After a major technological advancement trend starting in 1870, people’s life spans, means of living, and income increased significantly, and some believed that growth would lead to a …

A New Chapter in U.S. Fiscal Policy

Featured Events, Featured News | Feb 21, 2023 |

Throughout much of the United States’ financial history, the public has viewed government deficits as dangerous. Yet by the end of 2022 when the national debt peaked at $31.45 trillion, that sentiment seemed to have changed. What shifted the nation’s …

Fordham Foundry and SuitUp Partner in First-Ever “Battle of the Boroughs” Competition Designed to Diversify Financial Services Talent Pipeline at the Earliest Stages

Featured Events, Featured News | Dec 15, 2022 |

By Paola Curcio-Kleinman Photos courtesy of Bruce Gilbert With the support of prominent financial services partners, NYC middle and high school students competed across the boroughs to create a product or service that celebrates and rebuilds a sense of community …

How Small Business Steps Can Create Lasting, Positive Change

Featured Events, Featured News | Dec 06, 2022 |

Companies that embrace environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies are not only capable of creating new markets, but also of driving significant societal change, according to George Serafeim, professor of business administration at Harvard Business School and author of Purpose …


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