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Undergraduate | Dec 21, 2015 |

‘Ground Floor’ project earns students dinner with EY execs

Five first-year students from the Gabelli School of Business at Lincoln Center turned the capstone project for their first-year business fundamentals course, The Ground Floor, into a valuable networking experience with one of the world’s premier professional services firms. Griffin Hull, …

Undergraduate | Oct 20, 2015 |

Become an ace negotiator in this spring course

Every undergraduate student — no matter what major — can benefit from taking Cross-Cultural Negotiation in the spring 2016 semester. This could be fun. Think about it — you’ll learn to represent yourself and negotiate better by using smart tactics and strategies. You’ll also …

Undergraduate | Oct 05, 2015 |

Students to have a say in the future of electric cars

Today’s students already have the mindset for new models of urban mobility. Now they will get a chance to have their voices heard in the next levels of sustainability innovation. A social innovation practicum, in which BMW is joining with …

Undergraduate | Aug 26, 2015 |

The freshman Class of 2019, by the numbers

The undergraduate Gabelli School of Business Class of 2019 is a diverse group. The more than 500 incoming freshmen at both the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses hail from 22 different countries, including the United States. They have compelling …

Undergraduate | Jun 26, 2015 |

Ready to help new international students? SAC needs you!

Hey, graduate students: Is New York your city? If so, perhaps we can count on you to show our new international students around. Each student arriving from outside the United States this fall could benefit from someone who knows New York—and who …

Undergraduate | Jun 11, 2015 |

Transmedia storytelling research gets world attention

By Joe Vitale, GabelliConnect freelance writer A senior research project completed by Vincent Pellizzi, BS ’15, has captured the attention of several worldwide research and media associations. His project investigated the concept of “transmedia storytelling“—which sounds complex, but is actually a fancy …

Undergraduate | Jun 10, 2015 |

The Storytelling Project to hold performance on Sunday

Graduate students in Associate Professor Travis Russ‘ summer course, The Storytelling Project, will deliver their final performance at 3:30 p.m. Sunday at Stand Up NY on 78th Street. To advance the event, Russ answered four questions about the performance. Here …

Undergraduate | May 13, 2015 |

Business Analytics students see IBM Watson at work

By Michael Khayyat It’s far more than just a computer. IBM’s Watson—the machine renowned for beating humans on Jeopardy! — can cook, make change and give advice. Last week, Fordham MS in Business Analytics students had the chance to make Watson’s …

Undergraduate | May 04, 2015 |

Park cleanup draws 100 students as part of day of service

Gabelli School of Business students put aside their studies for a day to help beautify the Bronx. The group, organized by students in Brian Dunn’s service-learning program, participated in an April 18 cleanup of Haffen Park, a small park off …

Undergraduate | May 01, 2015 |

International students volunteer for food drive

A group of 40 international students recently worked to make life better for New York City’s less fortunate, participating in a food drive on Staten Island. Students from China, South Africa and Kazakhstan, led by Professor Jian Xiao, helped with …

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