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Kevin Dreyer in a prior radio appearance. Photo courtesy of World News Inc.

GAMCO Investors manager speaks to London students

Areas of Study, Event Recaps, Finance, Global, London, Stories, Stories from Abroad | Nov 27, 2012 |

by Rachel Seagrest (GSB ’14) After sitting in on a presentation made by one of Mario Gabelli’s top men in Europe, I could not be more proud to attend a business school that bears the Gabelli name. On November 12, …

Going on retreat: What’s that got to do with business?

Event Recaps, Stories | Nov 26, 2012 |

Some business students might think about the concept of a retreat — time outside one’s usual environment to pause and think — as “not for them.” After all, the business world is the opposite: go, go, go. But that’s precisely …

Over sandwiches, Gen. Pace shares a wise perspective

Event Recaps, Stories | Nov 16, 2012 |

“Having been in combat makes all the other problems of life seem more manageable,” retired General Peter Pace, former chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, told 14 Gabelli School students over lunch this week. “The joke goes, if …

Pitch and win: Strategies from Deloitte’s Skip Braun

Areas of Study, Entrepreneurship, Event Recaps, Stories | Nov 15, 2012 |

You don’t want to get kicked out of an investor’s office with $0 to show for your brand-new startup. Don’t worry. Skip Braun can help you. Having advised startups and growing businesses of all types and sizes for more than …

Norm Brodsky, sage of startups, speaks at TrepCon

Areas of Study, Entrepreneurship, Event Recaps, Stories | Nov 14, 2012 |

Don’t pick Norm Brodsky, today’s TrepCon keynote speaker, as your academic role model. He ranked in the bottom 5 percent of his high school class. He placed in the bottom 10 percent of his college class. He landed in the …

Fordham takes the Fed Challenge

Areas of Study, Event Recaps, Finance, Stories | Nov 13, 2012 |

Let’s say the Federal Open Market Committee — the part of the U.S. Federal Reserve that oversees our country’s money supply and makes critical decisions about setting interest rates — asked you for your thoughts on what they ought to …

Juvoni Beckford goes to Startup School

Areas of Study, Entrepreneurship, Event Recaps, IT / Information Systems, Stories | Nov 08, 2012 |

Dropbox. Reddit. Scribd. AirBnB. Weebly. Besides being recent startups on their way toward becoming household names, what do these have in common? Roots in Y Combinator, a Silicon Valley seed-funder that specializes in getting promising new businesses off the ground. …

Fordham summit envisions a Bronx “Silicon Alley”

Areas of Study, Entrepreneurship, Event Recaps, IT / Information Systems, Stories | Oct 31, 2012 |

by Faye Kulik (GSB ’13) Imagine Manhattan’s “Silicon Alley” extending up Jerome Avenue in the Bronx. Or blazing a trail across Fordham Road. That was the vision that united business owners, students, professors and community leaders this month at a …

IBM execs behind Jeopardy! computer visit GSB

Areas of Study, Coursework, Event Recaps, IT / Information Systems, Marketing, Stories | Oct 30, 2012 |

by Balt Heldring (GSB ’14) In 1997, IBM’s Deep Blue computer system beat the greatest chess player in the world, Garry Kasparov. With that feat conquered, IBM began searching for a new challenge, something that would spark the nation, as …

“State of the school” meeting features fall treats and microbrews

Alumni, Event Recaps, Stories | Oct 18, 2012 |

by Elizabeth Anderson (FCRH ’13) Nothing draws a crowd of Fordham students quite like the promise of apple cider, cider donuts and, for the lucky 21-and-over set, autumn beers. The Gabelli School’s Octoberfest, a Town Hall meeting, offered students all …

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