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Event Recaps

Event Recaps
Event Recaps, Students | Jun 05, 2019 |

View the 2019 Gabelli School of Business Undergraduate Diploma Ceremony video

The 2019 Fordham University Gabelli School of Business Undergraduate Diploma Ceremony took place on May 18, 2019. View photos from the ceremony.

Event Recaps
Event Recaps, Featured Events, Finance | May 01, 2019 |

Conference Spotlights Demand for Women in Asset Management

By Claire Curry Despite the rising number of women MBAs and women leaders across many industries, there is still a significant deficit of those in finance, and particularly in alternative investments. Which is why the Gabelli School connected with Chartered …

Event Recaps
Event Recaps | Jan 01, 2019 |

Introducing the Project Punch Card Conference

Project Punch Card held its first annual conference on December 7th, 2018. The new non-profit, launched in 2018, is focused on fostering a long-term investment orientation in students, particularly those from groups that are under-represented in the investment industry. The …

Event Recaps
Event Recaps | Oct 10, 2018 |

Making sense of the markets

By Richard Khavkine The billionaire investor Howard Marks has simple advice for market players who want to become superior investors: Be idiosyncratic—and then follow through. Marks asserts that distinguishing yourself takes patience, discipline, and psychological know-how. He addressed a packed …

Areas of Study
Areas of Study, Event Recaps, Finance | Dec 03, 2013 |

BlackRock welcomes the Alternative Investment Club

The Alternative Investment Club’s conclusion: BlackRock would be a great place to work. Juniors and seniors confirmed this when they visited BlackRock’s offices on East 52nd Street last month. Three executive presentations, a Q-and-A with young analysts and a networking …

Entrepreneurship, Event Recaps, Marketing | Nov 20, 2013 |

Keynote speaker Caplan tells good stories, raises ethical issues

by Farzana Ali (GSB ’15) “This is a street fight. This is war.” That is what TrepCon keynote speaker John Caplan — presently the CEO of “social shopping” web site OpenSky — recalled about the competition in the 1990s between …

Areas of Study
Areas of Study, Event Recaps, Faculty, Management, Stories from Abroad | Nov 20, 2013 |

Faculty center positions Fordham as leader in ethical management

by Farzana Ali (GSB ’15) We are at a time when corporations are working with theologians. One of Fordham’s newest business faculty research centers, the Center for Humanistic Management, recently organized a conference in Tübingen, Germany, that brought together those …

Event Recaps
Event Recaps, Marketing | Nov 18, 2013 |

Making advertising about more than just sales: John Osborn

by Balt Heldring (GSB ’14) Ever wonder who was behind AT&T’s “It’s Not Complicated” advertising campaign? A series of TV commercials that feature funny conversations among four little kids and a young man seated around a classroom table, the “It’s Not …

Event Recaps
Event Recaps, Finance | Nov 15, 2013 |

Reasons to make an investment in the liberal arts

by Tom Stoelker reprinted from the university blog What does literature have to do with value investing? What about biology? Or philosophy? Well, according to author Robert Hagstrom, it has quite a bit to do with it, as does physics, …

Accounting, Event Recaps, Students | Nov 12, 2013 |

Fordham team’s tax smarts render them Texas-bound

Five Fordham business students are headed to Deloitte University. That’s not a hot new MBA program you haven’t heard about. It’s the site of the finals for the Deloitte-sponsored FanTAXtic Case Competition, and it’s in Texas. Fordham’s team is headed …

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