Entrepreneurship Society





President: (2011-2012): Jackson Lindauer (GSB ’15)
Adviser:  Dr. Janssen-Selvadurai (cjanssen@fordham.edu)
E-mail:  entrepreneur@fordham.edu
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/thefordhamues
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Overview: The Fordham University Entrepreneurship Society, associated with the Gabelli School of Business, was created to educate its members about the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship to better prepare themselves to be successful business owners. Our goal is to stimulate interest in entrepreneurship among Fordham students from all majors by providing an environment to apply knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom to real-world business opportunities. With U.S. Census data approximating that 2,356 people become entrepreneurs every day and forecasting dramatic growth over the next four years, members of the Entrepreneurship Society are encouraged to pursue future business trends to launch forward-thinking enterprises.

Becoming a part of the club requires attendance at bi-monthly meetings. Students are expected to take on leadership roles and to actively participate in ES-sponsored events; to identify speakers and hands-on learning opportunities; to work with administrators, faculty and outside professionals to strengthen the club; and to learn from one another through brainstorming sessions, idea pitches and sharing feedback. The purpose and format of the club enables students to start putting their ideas into action by accessing a wealth of business resources for real-life innovation. Through guest-speaker series, creative hands-on activities, networking events and the development of student-run businesses, the Entrepreneurship Society aims to establish long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships among students, faculty, student organizations, alumni and local professionals to build sustainable business ventures both on and off campus.

Entrepreneurship is about taking action and embracing successes as well as setbacks. Those looking for an exciting and rewarding career are encouraged to join.


Special programs:

  • The Entrepreneurship Society sponsors its own multi-day conference every year, providing a meeting ground and networking forum for aspiring and current business owners of all ages. Called TrepCon, the conference has its own web site. You can find the most recent year’s TrepCon site here.
  • Have you ever heard of a career fair designed specifically for entrepreneurs? Fordham has one. The Small Biz Connector brings to campus an array of established entrepreneurs who are looking to hire students who want to work for small operations and startups.