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| Nov 05, 2020 |

(ALL) Gabelli Virtual Water Cooler

Join us at this virtual water cooler to meet other members of the Gabelli School community (students, faculty, and administrators) for a structured, fun, quick, and informal networking event! During the event, Professor Bozena Mierzejekska will facilitate a fun and …

| Oct 27, 2020 |

(ALL) Centennial Speaker Series: Credit Markets During and After the Crisis

The economic and financial fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented conditions for the credit market and distressed investors globally. Join us for a lunchtime webinar with Michael Gatto, partner at Silver Point Capital, as he shares his expertise …

| Oct 20, 2020 |

(ALL) Centennial Speaker Series: Joseph Calandro Jr. on Creating Strategic Value: Applying Value Investing Principles to Corporate Management

Join us for the latest event in the Centennial Speaker Series, featuring Joseph Calandro Jr., author of Creating Strategic Value: Applying Value Investing Principles to Corporate Management. The principles of value investing have resonated with savvy practitioners in the world …

| Oct 14, 2020 |

(ALL) Centennial Speaker Series: Shennette Garrett-Scott on Banking on Freedom: Black Women in U.S. Finance Before the New Deal

Join us for a talk with award-winning author and professor Shennette Garrett-Scott on her book Banking on Freedom: Black Women in U.S. Finance Before the New Deal. African American women in 1920s-era Harlem participated in real estate and other investment …

| Oct 08, 2020 |

(ALL) Centennial Speaker Series: Lawrence Cunningham in Conversation with Astrid Doerner on Margin of Trust: The Berkshire Business Model

Warren Buffett and his company Berkshire Hathaway Inc. are legendary for their distinctive investing approach. Yet, many equally unconventional but less-well-known aspects of the company’s managerial practices and organizational structure are rich with lessons for those seeking to follow in …

| Oct 06, 2020 |

(ALL) Centennial Speaker Series: Nicholas Sargen in Conversation with Consuelo Mack on JPMorgan’s Fall and Revival

Join us for a virtual lunchtime program with international economist, global money manager, and author Nicholas Sargen in conversation with award-winning financial journalist Consuelo Mack. They will discuss Sargen’s latest book, JPMorgan’s Fall and Revival: How the Wave of Consolidation …

| Oct 01, 2020 |

(ALL) The Future of Business Education

The business world experiences constant technological and generational changes, and business schools need to adapt just as quickly to prepare students for a constantly changing economic world. As we all face COVID-19, it is clear that both the business world …

| Sep 29, 2020 |

(ALL) Centennial Speaker Series: Joel Greenblatt on Common Sense: The Investor’s Guide to Equality, Opportunity, and Growth

The United States is supposed to offer economic opportunity to everyone. It shouldn’t take a worldwide pandemic and nationwide protests to bring economic and racial inequality to the forefront of problems we desperately need to solve. But now that the …

| Sep 24, 2020 |

(ALL) Centennial Speaker Series: R. Edward Freeman on The Power of And: Responsible Business Without Trade-Offs

Join us for a lunchtime webinar program with author R. Edward Freeman on his latest book, The Power of And: Responsible Business Without Trade-Offs. The idea that businesses are only concerned with their bottom line no longer holds true in …

| Jul 15, 2020 |

How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci

Join members of the New York Alternative Investment Roundtable and the Gabelli School of Business for a discussion with author and executive leadership coach Michael J. Gelb, who will discuss his book How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci: Seven …

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