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SWS: Not all paths to jobs are conventional ones

Alumni, Areas of Study, Event Recaps, Finance, Smart Woman Securities, Student Organizations & Clubs | Mar 18, 2013 |

by Farzana Ali (GSB ’15) You want a finance internship. Did the idea of randomly walking into Wall Street offices uninvited ever occur to you? It did to Sihien Goh (GSB ’13). He sat down with Smart Woman Securities before break …

SWS advice for finance careers: Push beyond just finance

Areas of Study, Event Recaps, Finance, Smart Woman Securities, Student Organizations & Clubs | Mar 07, 2013 |

by Farzana Ali (GSB ’15) “We have a meteorologist on our team,” announced Morgan Stanley’s Amy Oldenburg. What team was she talking about? The global emerging markets equity team at her firm, where she’s chief operating officer and portfolio specialist. …

Professor Kelly wins big honor from USG

Areas of Study, Faculty, Finance, Finance Society, Stories | Mar 05, 2013 |

As of last week, James R. Kelly is not merely a professor. He’s a Beacon. Fordham’s United Student Government bestowed upon him its Beacon Exemplar Award, the highest honor the USG can give to a member of the Fordham community. …

‘Heroic Leadership’ author puts leading within everyone’s reach

Areas of Study, Event Recaps, Finance | Mar 04, 2013 |

by Farzana Ali (GSB ’15) Pause. Mentally go over the last few hours and find a lesson that you learned. Use this lesson to help you for the next few hours. This advice is unusual to hear at a business …

Success story: Tech and finance lead Brendan O’Grady to E&Y

Areas of Study, Finance, IT / Information Systems, Success Stories | Feb 22, 2013 |

Brendan O’Grady (GSB ’13) didn’t foresee himself finding his very first post-graduation job at a large firm. But a big firm found him: Powerhouse Ernst & Young has chosen Brendan for its technology advisory practice, housed within the financial services …

Tomorrow, 2/20: Join SWS and meet sales and trading staff

Areas of Study, Featured Events, Finance, Smart Woman Securities, Student Organizations & Clubs | Feb 19, 2013 |

True or false: Smart Woman Securities seminars are for female students only. False. A few intrepid Gabelli School “sons of Fordham” joined their female counterparts last week at the first seminar in SWS’s spring series. That allowed them to meet …

Tomorrow’s your chance to join SWS

Areas of Study, Featured Events, Finance, Smart Woman Securities, Student Organizations & Clubs | Feb 05, 2013 |

If you want to become a member of Smart Woman Securities, now is your chance. Existing members and female students interested in joining this group — and taking part in its spectacular networking opportunities — are invited to this semester’s …

Eight seniors attend high-powered value investing conference

Areas of Study, Event Recaps, Finance, Stories | Feb 04, 2013 |

Columbia University MBA candidates. Investment professionals. Eight Gabelli School of Business seniors. Our students were in good company at Friday’s 16th annual Value Investing Conference, where people who are carrying forward the strategies of value-investing pioneers Ben Graham and David Dodd …

Success story: John Manley destined for Deutsche Bank

Accounting, Areas of Study, Finance, Success Stories | Feb 01, 2013 |

John Manley (GSB ’13) knows where he’ll be working from this July onward — and it’s a place where he has already succeeded (twice!) as an intern. John is a member of the incoming 2013 analyst class at Deutsche Bank. …

GSB team leaves today for KPMG contest in Dallas

Accounting, Areas of Study, Event Recaps, Finance, Stories, Students | Jan 17, 2013 |

by Farzana Ali (GSB ’15) Offering students only 48 hours to rip through 20 pages of facts, figures and charts, the KPMG International Case Competition is unlike any other. Competitors identify and analyze key issues facing a business — this …


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