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Marketing faculty receive best-paper award for service research

Announcements | Jul 05, 2017 |

Think about the last time you did some banking—whether you were taking money out of your account, paying a credit card bill, or checking your balance.

Did you use an ATM or bank website? Or did you visit the bank’s physical location? Do you always use that same method?

Banking is just one example of service delivery offered through multiple channels.

In a recent paper in the Journal of Creating Value, Sertan Kabadayi, Yuliya Komarova, and Marina Carnevale argued that the option to use multiple channels for a service can influence consumer perception of the value of that service.

Their paper titled “Customer Value Creation in Multichannel Systems: The Interactive Effect of Integration Quality and Multichannel Complexity” recently won the journal’s Special Issue Best Paper Award, as announced at last month’s Frontiers in Service conference awards dinner.

Based on a study of retail banking, their research shows that if the quality of multichannel integration—how easy it is to access account information across different channels, for example—is high, it may motivate customers to use the different channels more often.

The authors also suggest that the quality of integration helps drive customers’ feelings not only about the system itself but also the company providing the service.

If you’ve ever spent time on the phone providing your updated address to a representative after changing the address in your online account, you have an idea of how appealing seamless integration may be.

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