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Fordham’s New Leadership Accelerator Program Provides Managers Action Plans for Success

Announcements | Nov 12, 2019 |

The Fordham Leadership Accelerator is a new learning experience designed specifically to help managers have a greater impact in their jobs and improve overall performance in the workplace.

Developing leadership abilities is never a simple linear process. We each grow in our own particular way according to the pressures and requirements of our jobs. Nor do we learn leadership by simply acquiring knowledge. Growth happens when we apply knowledge to the real world and see improved results.

Fordham Leadership Accelerator Program details and registration information.

Our goal is to help bridge the gap from classroom to workplace for managers at all levels. That’s why our new Leadership Accelerator combines classroom learning with executive coaching. This 10-week certificate program includes three 3-day learning modules and executive-coaching sessions between each module. It is ideally suited for managers in new positions or those who want a significant boost in performance.

Managers should come to the Accelerator with two things in mind — 1) a commitment to learn and apply themselves throughout the course, and 2) a clear understanding of what they wish to improve at their workplace. This helps us shape and customize the classroom learning experience, as well as the coaching sessions. Throughout the 10-week program, each participant maintains a formal game plan of strategies, tactics, and performance expectations. Together with an experienced leadership coach, they will learn to distill the insights they discover in class into new strategies and tactics they can implement. Results are shared at each module, new needs are expressed, and new insights are taken back to the workplace.

Managers entering the Leadership Accelerator are often under stress at work, especially those in new jobs. That’s why we begin each module by establishing a calm atmosphere and encouraging fellow managers to connect with each other. We follow a simple schedule for each module:

Day 1: Who am I as a leader?
Day 2: What do I have to achieve?
Day 3: How do I work with people to make it happen?

Every participant leaves with a specific game plan for success. This plan becomes a living document, morphing into simple doable tactics that deliver the intended results. At the conclusion of the program, we can all see the real-world success of the Accelerator and discover a new pathway to improved performance.

Our next cohort starts in April, apply for the Fordham Leadership Accelerator Program today! For more information or questions, please reach out to Gabelli Executive Education, execed@fordham.edu

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