Improving the world through a global role

Go big or go home. This is the motto many Gabelli students live by on their quests for success. And when your home is New York City, going big means going global. So when International Business Week came around, the Gabelli School invited professionals in global positions to share their experiences with students. Kip Allardt and Sanju Kumar are […]


Make a case for ethics and win a trip to California

How should self-driving cars be programmed to choose who to protect in an accident? Why should Uber develop alternatives to surge pricing? These are the questions winning teams asked as they represented the Gabelli School for the past two years at the International Business Ethics Case Competition. Now, students have a chance to continue the […]


Top 5 places to study for finals

It’s that time of year again. Christmas trees are going up, holiday cheer is spreading, and, of course, finals are closing in. During preparation for visiting family and ringing in the new year, it can be difficult to concentrate on taking finals, much less studying for them. Here’s a list of places where Lincoln Center students can get […]


Gaining an Irish perspective on business

Learning about global business in a classroom is one thing. Experiencing it in person is another. Gabelli School Executive MBA students get a front-row view of the international business world through the Ireland global immersion course. Created by Assistant Professor Meghann Drury-Grogan in 2013, the one-week course focuses on business from an Irish perspective and also […]


Value-investing gems sparkle below the surface

Imagine a small bucket of quarters. It may be worth $5. But what if, beneath that top layer of quarters, you found a rare diamond? All of a sudden, that bucket could be worth $50 million. You never know until you look below the surface. According to Meryl Witmer, managing member of the general partner […]


Sunday workshop: Learn to ace your case interview

If you have an upcoming interview with a case-intensive firm—or think you might confront a case-based interview in the future—learn how to ace this challenging format in an upcoming workshop. On Sunday, December 4, the Fordham Management Consulting Association will offer a workshop led by David Ohrvall, founder of MBACASE. “Crack the Case Level 2” gives students the opportunity to […]


Top 5 places to grab food between classes

Every student knows the struggle of trying to find food on days filled with classes. Keep this list in mind for the next time you’re on the Fordham Lincoln Center campus and need a meal that will fill you up and get you to your internship on time. 1. Alan’s Marketplace Located right across the street from Fordham’s Columbus Avenue entrance, […]


FMA’s Fashion and Beauty Panels connect students and alumnae

If you’re seeking advice on how to pursue a career in the fashion and beauty industries, these five young alumnae can help. Last month, the Fordham Marketing Association (FMA) held a Fashion and Beauty Panel featuring five alumnae in these fields. It drew an overflowing audience of students, all hoping to better understand the inner workings of the fashion world. […]

Ferso Ismail stands outside of his restaurant, Burger Lodge. Photo by Kate Marinkovich.

Q-and-A with Ferso Ismail, founder of Burger Lodge

If you live on the Rose Hill campus, chances are good that you’ve heard of Burger Lodge. Within months, this new off-campus eatery has become well-known to Fordham students. Read on to find out how Burger Lodge founder Ferso Ismail, BS ’18, runs the business while studying abroad, what his favorite menu items are, and more. Q: […]