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Gabelli School program to debut at Lincoln Center, fall 2014

Coursework Stories | Sep 12, 2013 |

Beginning next fall, Rose Hill won’t be the only place for undergraduates to study business at Fordham.

The Gabelli School of Business has won approval to open a brand-new, small-scale undergraduate program at Lincoln Center. It will be fully global in focus, and the degree Lincoln Center students pursue will reflect that: a Bachelor of Science in Global Business.

This is a huge development for the Gabelli School as it continues to raise its profile nationwide and internationally. Establishing an undergraduate school in midtown will help to increase Fordham’s overall visibility, producing benefits for students on all campuses.

Much in the way that business administration majors at Rose Hill pick a primary concentration to add specificity to their degree, Lincoln Center students will choose one of four concentrations. The concentrations will be all-new and specific to that campus, designed with an eye toward growth industries that have a significant presence in Manhattan. They are:

  • Digital media and technology
  • Global finance and business economics
  • Management, with a focus on health care
  • Marketing, with a focus on consumer insight

The Lincoln Center program will roll out slowly and grow over time. It will start with an inaugural class of about 50 freshmen. (There won’t be a sophomore program until those initial freshmen complete their first year and become sophomores, and so on.) By 2017-2018, Lincoln Center will have a full complement of students, freshmen through seniors.

What will make Lincoln Center different than Rose Hill?

For one thing, students at Lincoln Center will undertake more global requirements than their Rose Hill counterparts. They will be required to study abroad and to hold an internship. They also will be encouraged to learn an additional language.

In completing their degrees, Lincoln Center students will draw heavily on the liberal arts departments on that campus. Those who choose the marketing concentration will delve into psychology and anthropology classes. Global finance concentrators will seek out history and economics coursework. Students in the management and health care concentration may mix economics and the sciences.

The programs that characterize a Rose Hill education will remain at Rose Hill. Rose Hill is where students will need to be to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting, finance or marketing, or a concentration in subjects such as entrepreneurship. For a full explanation of which degrees and programs will correspond to each campus, click here.

Want to learn more about the Lincoln Center program and what it means for the future of the Gabelli School? Come to the Town Hall with Dean Rapaccioli on September 23 at 5:00 in McGinley Ballroom. She will give an overview of the program and answer questions. Click here to register for that event.


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