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Denisse Garcia lands fall internship with New York Mets

Areas of Study , Marketing , Sports Business Success Stories | Jun 26, 2013 |

Have you ever watched the recap of a New York Mets game on the news and, as the camera panned over CitiField, thought to yourself, “Wow, the stadium’s really empty!”

Well, changing that is about to become the provenance of our very own Denisse Garcia (GSB ’15).

This September, Denisse will begin a four-month internship with the Mets’ ticketing office, where she’ll help to come up with creative ways to fill more seats. It’ll be a chance to use the skills she learned in courses like Consumer Behavior with Professor Beth Vallen, which she said “taught me about marketing to various target audiences and how to alter advertisements to appeal to different human characteristics like emotion and logic.”

One of the biggest inspirations to a marketer is a compelling problem, and in the New York Mets, Denisse has identified a situation she wants to tackle and resolve.

“Now that they are at Citi Field, I feel that the Mets have been doing much better than before in regards to ticket sales,” she said. “But they are still not filling up the stadium. They did not even sell out for big games, like facing the Phillies or the Braves. Even the famous Subway Series against the Yankees proved to be the lowest priced in years, and attendance was still historically low.”

Solutions already are coming to mind. Denisse pointed out the joy Mets fans felt at their recent sweep of the Yankees — on par, she said, to what other teams’ fans might feel after a World Series win. It goes to show that you never know what might happen at a Mets game: as good a reason as any to buy a ticket. She is thinking about partnerships that might be forged with large employers to offer discounted or package tickets to employees, and even her own heritage is guiding her toward potential strategies.

“I do really like the fact that the Mets have had plenty of Dominican players over the years,” Denisse said. “It makes me proud to see men from my native country play.”

While baseball isn’t Denisse’s first love — she’s a hardcore fan of American football — sports were a big deal for her growing up. She was raised in a household of all guys, except for her and her mom.

“I grew up watching my brother and my cousins play sports and was forced to follow the games they watched on television, so whether I liked it or not, I was watching games,” Denisse recalled. “I learned so much from watching and having my brother explain the rules to me, and I grew to be an absolute sports fanatic over the years.”

“It became a dream of mine to be able to work my business interests into the world of sports,” she added. “My greatest aspiration in life is to be the CEO or CMO of a major company, and I see no reason why that cannot be a sports team.”

This Mets internship could be a great place to start. We wish Denisse the best on starting her new internship in the fall.

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