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Three students get KPMG dollars for study abroad

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Remember how KPMG was offering three scholarships for the Gabelli School’s London program?

Well, now we know who won them. Congratulations to Matt Calabrese (GSB ’15), Ciara Griffin (GSB ’15) and Mollie Stein (GSB ’15)! Each will receive $2,500 toward the fall 2013 semester in the United Kingdom.

Here is a little more detail about each student and what he/she is looking forward to:


Matt Calabrese

Why go?: Advanced coursework in accounting. “In London, not only will I be fulfilling my core requirements, I will also be fulfilling my major’s requirements – something that is very important to me. As an accounting major, I must fulfill a 150-credit requirement, and this program allows me to do so.”
London lesson to look for: A break in the commute. “As a commuter, it is difficult for me to become completely self-sufficient. Though I have the responsibilities to do well in college, and to work to help finance my commute and education while managing my finances, commuting does not allow me to live on my own. Studying abroad will give me the opportunity to do so for the first time in my life.”
Professional goal: “I am very interested in taxation. After working part-time in a tax practice for over a year, I enjoyed learning about tax law and had realistic hands-on experience. As a result, I look forward to taking an introductory tax course in London. In addition, if I am given the opportunity to be taught by a top KPMG Fordham alumnus, I know the firsthand knowledge I learn will be invaluable in business.”


Ciara Griffin

Why go?: “Studying abroad has always been a goal of mine, and London is the ideal place for me to fulfill this. This program offers classes that will help fulfill my core requirements and major, as well as the opportunity to experience a different culture.”
London lesson to look for: Broadened horizons. “I hope to become more well-rounded and open-minded to different cultures and ideas. I am looking forward to experiencing a new culture and lifestyle while living in London for a semester.”
Professional goal: “Studying in London will strengthen my understanding of how business is conducted in Europe. I believe this will help me grow both professionally and academically, as the business world truly is global.”


Mollie Stein

Why go?: Finally, a program tailor-made for certain Gabelli School majors. “I have always wanted to study abroad, but was constrained due to the strict accounting curriculum. When I found out I would be able to study abroad while fulfilling my course requirements, I was thrilled. I am all about exploring the world we live in, and I love traveling.”
London lesson to look for: Cross-cultural comparisons. “I am looking forward to exploring Europe, learning in a new classroom setting, and experiencing how business is run in another country. I hope to learn a lot about the different culture and business practices in the U.K.”
The value of scholarships: “I think scholarships are vital for study-abroad programs because everyone deserves a chance to explore and learn in different areas of the world, no matter what financial position they may be in.”



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