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Travel to India this spring with 3 new Fair Trade courses!

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India is one of the most important economies to understand in today’s business landscape.

Three new Fordham courses give you the chance to travel there.

Change your plans for spring 2013 registration?

These courses are part of the Gabelli School’s renowned Fair Trade program, which historically has worked with artisans in Kenya but is now branching out to India. They also count toward the sustainable business minor that is offered cooperatively by the Gabelli School and Fordham College at Rose Hill.

Check out the course descriptions below, envision yourself in India over spring break with your classmates, and picture being able to talk about that experience during a future job interview. Add this game-changing developing nation to your academic portfolio — and, while you do, learn more about doing business that does good for others.


This course blends academic learning with Fair Trade’s capacity to take action against economic injustice in solidarity with the poor. Students in this course run an actual Fair Trade business, Amani, from the Rose Hill campus. They and the instructor will work in partnership with a team of business school students in India to locate new Fair Trade businesses in that country, and will travel to visit those businesses during spring break.

This course focuses on the entrepreneurial response to economic injustice, as expressed in the Fair Trade movement. It will explore the category of businesses that are founded by entrepreneurs to alleviate poverty, focusing on enteprises in India that might pursue Fair Trade certification. Students will take the course in parallel with a group of business school students in India, sharing a common syllabus of readings. Course participants will travel to India during spring break to meet with their Indian peers and visit businesses.

This course is designed to ignite a spiritual awareness of economic injustice, which ultimately motivates action, large or small. It explores the mechanisms of poverty, looks at alternative forms of commerce and considers why Fair Trade is able to answer some of the human rights issues associated with poverty. Readings highlight spiritual leaders and the models for action that their life stories provide. How should business students evaluate their lives and their careers? What might “solidarity with the poor” mean in a variety of contexts? The course includes a visit to important spiritual locations in India.


If you are interested in signing up for these courses, see your class dean or e-mail either Professor Kate Combellick or Professor Sharon Livesey.

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