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An appetite for entrepreneurship

Undergraduate | Nov 09, 2016 |

food_shutterstock_317935109When you think of typical business school activities, endeavors in exotic foods and fine wine may not immediately come to mind. While keeping the brain in good shape is important, for the students and alumna featured in the recent issue of Fordham News, it’s just as necessary to nourish the soul.

Jake Madsen and Bentley Brown, both BS ’17, regularly create feasts for their friends in their Bronx apartment. Exhibiting their flair for experimentation, they burn off stress by turning unconventional ingredients into creative concoctions.

Read more in Fordham News for a peek inside Madsen and Brown’s kitchen.

What better way to accompany a delicious meal than with a nice glass of wine? Gabriella Macari, BS ’09, can point you to the right varietal for your particular palate. While she leads the marketing and distribution for Macari Vineyards, the Gabelli graduate continues to expand her knowledge to better serve her customers.

Read more about Macari’s vineyard venture in Fordham News.

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