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Success story: Alternative investments, UBS for Alex Kryvoruka

Success Stories | Apr 29, 2013 |

Alex Kryvoruka (GSB ’16) is a relatively recent arrival to the Gabelli School of Business — not only because he’s a first-year student, but also because he recently transferred from Fordham College at Rose Hill.

That hasn’t stopped him from establishing a foundation in business at a stunning pace. As he finishes his second semester of college, he’s already an alternative investments intern at Ella Capital and has been chosen for a UBS internship for fall 2013.

Not to mention setting his sights on a finance major, minors in economics and philosophy, and a specialization in alternative investments.

Alex started working at Ella Capital, based on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, earlier this month. There, he and two other Fordham students handle a breadth of tasks. In addition to research on equity, financial earnings, capital and allocations, they look into possible alternative investments that might suit Ella Capital’s high-net-worth investors.

All of this makes Alex look forward to the Hedge Funds and Real Estate courses in the Gabelli School curriculum, which will be two required ingredients toward his specialization.

“Alternative Investments are fascinating,” Alex said. “They offer a different means of diversifying assets and minimizing risk while achieving the highest investment returns possible. As a result of the 2008 financial crisis, many individuals are beginning to invest in alternative investments much more as a means of safety against market failures.”

His current internship offers the chance to work with exactly that type of client.

UBS is next up. Alex’s fall 2013 slot illustrates how Fordham students, being in New York, have greater opportunities than their peers at most other schools, who can only be interns at multinational banks and corporations during the summer. To get his UBS slot, Alex interviewed against students who will be juniors and seniors when he’s a sophomore, but made the pool of accepted candidates despite the odds.

“I knew that if I had the right mindset and attitude, I could compete for selective positions like UBS,” Alex said. Combined, of course, with hard work in class and the willingness to commit to a bunch of extracurricular activities.

“I look forward to gaining real-world financial experience and expanding my knowledge, and there’s no better place to do that than an investment bank such as UBS,” he added.


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