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Fordham Business magazine is a forum for Fordham faculty, alumni and others to comment on major topics facing the business community today.

Click the covers below to view interactive issues. (Issues are in reverse order, with the most recent at the top.) If you would like to become part of the mailing list for future print editions of the magazine, which comes out twice a year in April and September, please e-mail Betty Grizzaffi at egrizzaffi@fordham.edu.

For general information about Fordham Business magazine or to submit a story idea, contact Mike Benigno, managing editor, at mbenigno@fordham.edu.

Issue 12 | Fall 2016

Hired by the machine

Developing analytics to help businesses find the best job candidates

Issue 11 | Spring 2016

Regulating Risk

Squeezing the profit out of banking

Issue 10 | Fall 2015

Money must serve, not rule

Pope Francis and Capitalism

Issue 9 | Spring 2015


The new ‘Wild West’

Issue 8 | Fall 2014

The business of higher education

College wries its next chapter

Issue 7 | Spring 2014

Amateur Athletics

Is the amateur athlete a thing of the past?

Issue 6 | Fall 2013

Women in business

We examine the business world in which our female graduates are beginning and advancing their career

Issue 5 | Spring 2013

The business of retirement

Eight thousand Americans turn 65 every day. What they make of that landmark might surprise you.

Issue 4 | Fall 2012

Consumer behavior

Advancing technology, new communications channels and shifting demographics all inuence how we buy and sell.

Issue 3 | Spring 2012


As the global community seeks ways to protect our natural resources and preserve the Earth for future generations, the business world is responding.

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