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Talking with… Sertan Kabadayi

Interviews | Mar 11, 2020 |

Each “Talking with…” feature helps you learn about a different Gabelli School faculty member, administrator, or staff member. This week, we’re speaking with Sertan Kabadayi, professor of marketing, the chair of the marketing area, and director of teaching excellence at the Gabelli School of Business.


What is your favorite part about running the marketing area for Fordham’s Gabelli School of Business?

Being a chair is a stressful job, but for me the best part is supporting my colleagues, and finding ways to help them in any way that I can. We collectively have achieved a lot. I am very proud of the fact in recent years that our marketing area has built reputation and visibility in the field of services research, not only for our area, but for the entire business school. Whenever I go to different service conferences or meetings now, I see people who know my colleagues’ work and the Gabelli School name, and I love it!

How do you see the marketing field changing in the future?

Everyone is talking about technology, digital and data/analytics. Of course, these things are changing the marketing field. No doubt about that. But, I also think that concepts like sustainability, social innovation and circular/regenerative economy are the forces that will change the way marketing is done and taught. I am glad that many of us here at the Gabelli School are very passionate about it, and we are already working to infuse more of those topics into our courses. In fact, I am quite excited about preparing a brand new sustainability marketing course, likely in the next year!

What do you consider to be the most important lesson you’ve taught your students, and why?

One thing that I love about teaching marketing is that it is all about life and about people. My students do not have to be interested in pursuing marketing careers to enjoy what we cover in my classes. I try to show them that whatever they learn in marketing is relevant for them in their daily lives no matter what they do professionally. 

What are your thoughts on the next 100 years of business at the Gabelli School?

I cannot believe that I am finishing my 15th year at Fordham, and I think things have changed a lot over those 15 years. Of course, this is a work-in-progress and we still have a lot to do, but we are moving in the right direction. I am very optimistic. We have a great leadership team, great colleagues including a very impressive group of junior colleagues, great staff, and energetic and brilliant students. I think the sky is the limit for Gabelli school in its next 100 years.

What is the most rewarding part of your role as the director of teaching excellence?

I am trying to move strategically. The best part has been getting to know some non-marketing colleagues from other academic areas, including our clinical and adjunct colleagues. I am even more convinced than before that our people are our strength!

Fun Questions

Favorite season? I am a Virgo (September), but my favorite season is Spring.

Last movie you watched? Recently, on a long flight, I watched two great movies back to back for the second time. Parasite and JoJo Rabbit. Both are great for different reasons. 

Favorite food? Mexican food, but I prefer cheesecake (or any cake for that matter) over any food anytime!

Go-to travel destination? I have been to around 100 countries, but Europe always feels like home. Leave me in any European city with a good book and a pastry, and I would be happy!

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