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Talking with … Lisa Golden

Interviews | Nov 18, 2016 |

Lisa GoldenWelcome to the next installment of the “Talking with…” series, which helps you get to know the Gabelli School faculty, administrators, and staff. This week, meet Lisa Golden, administrative assistant for graduate studies.

You’ve been at the Gabelli School for a little more than six months. What is something you’re proud of accomplishing in this short amount of time?
A very big accomplishment during my short time here at Gabelli is being on the planning team for this year’s graduate-level orientation, a week-long series of events in August. Although I have event-planning experience, I had never worked on such a large-scale event, which consisted of 650+ graduate students attending different sessions based on their program throughout the week, and managing several volunteers who were kind enough to help!

What’s something you hope to accomplish in the next six months?
In the next six months, I hope to accomplish a successful execution of another event for the MBA students: January immersion week. For four days, MBA students immerse themselves in business and culture in New York City, via company visits and tours, and cultural events at the Broadway Speakers League and museums.

What is the biggest difference you’ve noticed so far between your role here and previous roles in different industries?
I have a background in fundraising for nonprofit arts organizations and also corporate real estate administration, two completely different industries. I find the biggest difference here at Gabelli is the flexibility in the environment and certainly the show of appreciation from others; it’s extremely refreshing to work in an environment where people go out of their way to show their appreciation! The leadership style is very encouraging and supportive.

What stays the same regardless of industry?
I think what stays the same, regardless of industry, is that your work environment really depends on the people in it. When you work with great people, it’s a great job, regardless of the work you are doing.

When you aren’t at Fordham, what are you doing?
When I’m not at Fordham, I’m taking care of my two young children and doing all the chores that entails! If I’m lucky, I will get to go shopping by myself for an hour.

What stands out to you about the Gabelli School faculty and staff?
I find that the Gabelli School faculty and staff are all extremely professional, polite, pleasant, encouraging, and thoughtful. Again, a refreshing quality and a great example for a business school!


Fun questions

Adventurous vacations or relaxing ones?

Soup or salad?

What was your favorite book as a child?
Goodnight Moon

Song that always gets stuck in your head:
Unfortunately, it’s usually a nursery rhyme or the Barney theme song, since someone is always singing it at home.

Best part about working near Lincoln Center:
H&M and Whole Foods

Least favorite subway line:
Shuttle because of that horrid underground transfer in Times Square!


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