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Talking with … Joanna Kondratowicz

Interviews | Nov 03, 2017 |

Joanna KondratowiczEach installment of “Talking with…” gives you a glimpse into the life of a different Gabelli School faculty member, administrator, or staff member. This week, find out more about Joanna Kondratowicz, finance area assistant.

How has your role changed over the past five years?
​When I first started working at Fordham, the area chair was An Yan. Since then I have also worked with Sris Chatterjee and now Steve Raymar. Of course, my job has evolved over time with each change in the area chair—each one had/has different needs and expectations, so I try to meet those expectations as well as provide some continuity and assistance in areas that require that.

Can you describe a recent finance area event you organized?
I recently helped with a couple of events that the finance area co-sponsored with outside ​organizations. I also handle all organizational aspects of the finance seminars for the Center for Research in Contemporary Finance​—these are seminars that we hold, about four to five each semester, where we have outside speakers come to present their research to our faculty.​

You worked in Poland for more than 10 years after college. Is there anything that sticks out as being particularly different about working in Poland vs. the United States?
I would have to say that the workplace is very hierarchical in Poland. I think there is more of a camaraderie that crosses the strata in U.S. firms, whereas in Poland the hierarchy is more firm.​

What is unique about working for the Gabelli School compared with the higher education institutions you worked for in your previous roles?
​There is definitely a feeling of caring and support at Gabelli that I did not feel at previous higher-education institutions where I worked. I feel that Gabelli strives to put into practice the motto of cura personalis—and not just with its students.

How does the finance area prioritize serving others?​​
The faculty and staff I work with go above and beyond in their service to students and colleagues. They’re always willing to do whatever they can to help a team member, whether it’s part of their job description or not. That goes a long way to improving the quality of the program we’re able to offer and the lives of employees.

What have you learned about finance that you didn’t know before you started this position?​
That it’s really hard—who knew?​


Fun questions

Are you a dog person or cat person?
​Dog—definitely dog—although I have had cats in my life and I can appreciate a good cat purr. Please don’t judge, but for one reason or another, my husband and I currently have three dogs. The fourth one was coopted by my daughter, who is in her last year of college in Philly.​

Camping, “glamping,” or hotel?​
Camping. My father instilled a love of camping and all things outdoors in me when I was a kid. He would take me camping in the Catskills all the time. I recently went on a weekend camping trip up to the Adirondacks, which feel like a second home to me, with my son. I had not been camping in more than 20 years, and it was fantastic!

Best place to view fall foliage in or near the city:
​The back window of my house in Croton on Hudson, New York​.

If you could travel to the past, what year would you visit?​
I don’t know if I would want to visit a particular year, but it would be really cool to be able to travel back in time to meet all of the people who, through a miraculous set of circumstances, made your being on this earth possible. ​

If you could travel to the future, what year would you visit?​
I don’t really have a desire to travel into the future.​

Favorite meal: breakfast, lunch, or dinner?​
You forgot about the best meal of the day: dessert!​


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