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Talking with … Denia Washington

Interviews | Apr 12, 2019 |

Denia Washington Every “Talking with…” feature introduces you to a different Gabelli School faculty member, administrator, or staff member. This week, learn more about Denia Washington, executive secretary for the information systems area.

What is your day-to-day role at the Gabelli School ?

My day-to-day role is to assist the information systems area chair with tasks such as processing check reimbursements and travel forms, writing memorandums, tracking expenses, ordering supplies, making copies, and answering emails. I also perform some of these same duties for Professor Lothian, for whom I have worked for over 20 years—which has been my most rewarding experience here at Fordham.

How has your role changed since you first started at Fordham?

I first started at Fordham as a secretary in the faculty center, which consisted of typing, making copies, some dictation, answering phones, and taking messages for about 60 or more professors and helping students with questions about classes and other miscellaneous issues. After two years, I started working exclusively for Professor Lothian, who at the time was an editor of a journal, and I was the liaison between him, authors, and referees in receiving and accepting papers for the journal. Now I am also assisting the information systems area chair, Robert Chiang.

What’s something you’ve learned while at the Gabelli School?

I learned database management. I set up a database to electronically receive, track, and accept/reject manuscripts for the Journal of International Money and Finance.

I also learned to have patience when communicating with the international community, as sometimes phrases and expressions can be lost in translation. It is a joy talking to people from all over the world—I learn something new all the time.

Can you briefly describe one of your most interesting projects in the past year?

This past year I have enjoyed getting to know the information systems faculty and helping with preparing travel and schedules for new candidates visiting the information systems department. I also enjoyed helping to organize a book launch for Professor James Lothian’s book titled Essays in International Money and Finance.

What are you looking forward to working on this summer?

On a personal note, before the summer is over I will be helping my granddaughter prepare academically for middle school. She will be entering the 6th grade.

I am also looking forward to working on myself, learning that my personal well-being is just as important as the people I care for, and preparing for my fall cruise to Greece.


Fun questions

Opera, Broadway musical, or concert at Barclays Center:
I loved the Broadway musical Beautiful! The music was awesome. I did not think my granddaughter would enjoy it but to my surprise, she did! She loved “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” and “I Feel The Earth Move.”I can still catch her singing those songs.

If you had to eat the same main dish for every meal, what would you choose?
Baked salmon and steamed spicy shrimp. I love seafood.

Best movie that’s technically for kids:
The Princess and the Frog is one my granddaughter’s favorite. I also loved the movie Frozen.

If you had to have one of these animals as a pet, which would you choose: parrot, ferret, or Great Dane?
A parrot—my daughter had finches when she was younger and they were less messy than a dog or hamster.

Favorite color car:
Gray/silver—because I’m a fox!

Favorite color to wear:


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