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Talking with…Harry Newman

Interviews | Feb 03, 2017 |

Harry Newman“Talking with…” is a regular feature giving you an inside view of a different Gabelli School faculty member, administrator, or staff member. In this week’s installment, we’re getting to know Harry Newman, professor of accounting and taxation.

What courses do you teach?
I teach managerial accounting at both the undergraduate level and graduate level.

What is your favorite part about teaching undergraduate students?
My favorite part about teaching undergraduate students is connecting with them individually inside or outside the classroom. I enjoy talking with my students not only about accounting, but also about things that are going on in their everyday lives. For example, I enjoy when students talk to me about the internships they have applied for, how their interviews went, and whether they were successful. I am honored when students open up to me about problems they are facing in their lives and I have the opportunity to offer my knowledge and experience.

Favorite part about teaching graduate students?
The graduate students I teach are further along in their academic studies, and as a result have a greater appreciation for what I teach. For example, many of my graduate students plan on taking the CPA exam, and hence are interested in learning management accounting as well as other types of accounting. Students sometimes approach me after class to talk about how the class subject matter relates to their experiences in jobs and interviews.

What’s the biggest change you’ve made to your courses since you first started teaching at Fordham?
One of my biggest changes in how I teach is the addition of humor. For some, accounting may seem a little dry, so I try to make it more interesting by adding spontaneous humor. I know I am not exactly ready for the big stage, but I believe the students appreciate that their professor is trying to make their experience more enjoyable. I also believe it is good for students to learn that they can do their professional job without having to change their personality.

What is a hot topic in your field right now?
Executive compensation has been a hot topic for numerous years and continues to be so. Not only is it a major topic in accounting, but also in other disciplines such as finance, management, and economics. I have done most of my research in this area, and continue to do so now. I am currently excited by a co-authored study exploring how differences in compensation among top executives influence their firms’ credit ratings.


Fun questions

Which team do you want to win the Super Bowl?
I would have liked to see Pittsburgh win, but given that I am a Canadian, I care more about who wins the Stanley Cup (Toronto Maple Leafs).

Favorite outdoor winter activity:
Staying inside. I am from Canada but still dislike the cold.

Favorite indoor winter activity:
Ice skating.

Still or sparkling water:

One place/attraction you’d tell a visitor not to miss in NYC:
Central Park in the summer.

One place/attraction you’d tell a visitor not to miss in your own neighborhood:
Wyckoff Wildlife Center. It has nice trails, beautiful scenery, and deer and wild turkeys that roam freely.


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