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Top 5 places to grab food between classes

Graduate | Nov 30, 2016 |

shutterstock_144742264Every student knows the struggle of trying to find food on days filled with classes. Keep this list in mind for the next time you’re on the Fordham Lincoln Center campus and need a meal that will fill you up and get you to your internship on time.

1. Alan’s Marketplace
Located right across the street from Fordham’s Columbus Avenue entrance, this deli is a student hotspot, and it’s easy to see why. With a large selection of sandwiches and salads, affordable prices, and a student discount, Alan’s is worth the sprint to beat the lunch rush.

2. NY Fresh Pizza
If you’re searching for a satisfying dollar pizza place, look no further. Actually, take a penny off of that price, as this storefront tucked in on 9th Avenue between 52nd and 53rd Streets only charges 99 cents for a cheese slice.

3. Justino’s Pizzeria
The pizza here may not be 99 cents, but if you’re in the mood for a specialty slice, it is well worth the $2.50. Plus, the late operating hours make Justino’s an obvious choice for a pick-me-up after an evening study session. There’s no seating inside, so stick to take-out or Seamless.

4. Burrito Box
Burrito Box is a great alternative to Chipotle. Just a 10-minute stroll down 9th Avenue grants students immediate access to healthy and delicious Mexican food. How healthy? There’s a seitan burrito, which you can request to be filled with soy cheese and tofu sour cream. The typical favorites like quesadillas, nachos, and tacos also have their place on the menu, and free chips and salsa help the time go by if there’s a wait.

5. Wafels and Dinges
The Wafels and Dinges cart located on 66th and Broadway is the place to stop if you’re craving something sweet. The gourmet Belgian waffles hit the spot, and with a variety of dinges (toppings) to choose from, you can try a new combination each time. If you enjoy a challenge, check the website or Twitter for a daily question—answer it correctly and earn a free topping.

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