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New STEM concentrations in Fintech, information systems and accounting within FT and PT MBA programs

Graduate | Apr 20, 2020 |

In today’s ever-changing business landscape, it is vital to provide students with the knowledge and proficiency necessary to meet dynamic industry demands. The Gabelli School of Business is proud to announce three new STEM concentrations in FinTech, information systems, and accounting, for both full-time and part-time M.B.A. programs.

Considered essential to global economic growth, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) focused curricula broadly reinforces data comprehension, quantitative analysis, and the application of logic as it pertains to problem solving. STEM fluency is widely regarded as an asset to leadership across all business fields.

The MBA concentrations being offered for current and prospective students at Gabelli School of Business are outlined as follows:

FinTech Concentration:
The FinTech concentration delivers a deeper understanding of how to use evolving technology to deliver financial services from both the technical aspects of such innovations and their practical application. This includes coursework in mathematical techniques, data mining and warehousing, as well as operations analysis. It is expected that students majoring in finance will concentrate on subject matter such as the use of Blockchain in developing cryptocurrencies, machine learning and artificial intelligence as they relate to data analytics and investment management, while those majoring in information systems will benefit from a focus on data processing aspects and and applications.

Information Systems Concentration:
Students pursuing this track will broadly receive instruction in computer systems from a user-centric perspective, as well as the structure, behavior and interactions of evolving natural and artificial systems that store, process, and communicate information. Students within this track are offered the opportunity to study information systems from a general point of view, or with specialization in business analytics, digital business innovation, or enterprise architecture. The business analytics specialization provides focus in the collection, integration, and analysis of data to drive business decision-making. In enterprise architecture, students will build and manage business systems through gaining an in-depth understanding of various IT applications across industries, while the digital business innovation specialization more specifically teaches business transformation through cutting-edge technologies in industry verticals such as mobile and e-commerce, cloud computing, and social technologies.

Accounting Concentration with STEM Tracks:
Cohort and Professional MBA students may pursue a concentration in accounting, and subsequently narrow their focus to the STEM-designated the Evaluation Methodology Advisory track. The Evaluation Methodology Advisory track courses combine accounting courses and technical skills training in multivariate data analysis, programming, and management. These courses are designed to help students gain a comprehensive understanding of the strategic use of accounting information in making investment, credit, and similar resource allocation decisions.

For current students in FinTech and information systems concentrations, no curricular changes are required to receive STEM-designated degrees. For accounting students wishing to pursue STEM-designation, five additional accounting courses are required in the aforementioned accounting track.

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