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From the stage to the classroom: Bliss Griffin, MBA ’19

Graduate | Sep 08, 2017 |

With the start of a new semester come new MBA students.

On campus since August to participate in the “Gabelli Launch” orientation program, the incoming full-time Class of 2019 is a diverse group of students with backgrounds in industries ranging from technology to theater.

Today we’re speaking with Bliss Griffin, president of Fordham’s Black and Hispanic MBA Association.

What is your hometown?

I was born and raised in Oakland, California, and have been living in New York City since 2011.

What were you doing before you started the MBA program?

I was acting in theater—mostly Shakespeare—and freelancing as a social-media specialist for small arts organizations.

Why did you choose the Gabelli School?

As I was looking for a new career path, I strove to first identify the underlying themes and motivators in my work as an artist and my volunteerism because they’ve both been deeply gratifying. I landed on centering people and community and tackling those problems as though they were my own. That’s hugely valuable to me and it’s all I want to do—every day. Then I started exploring Fordham and Gabelli and encountered Father McShane’s notion of “being bothered.” It was then that I realized I was looking at a perfect culture fit: the culture of uplifting community and being an audacious helper.

What are you looking forward to most about the program?

My cohort is so diverse; I’m looking forward to all of the things we have to learn from one another as we strive together toward spring 2019 and great new jobs.

What do you hope to do after you graduate?

Help all sorts of companies to thoughtfully and intentionally create culture as an HR consultant.

Fun fact:

I’m a big kid at heart and a nerdy fountain of Disney and Harry Potter trivia. Ask me anything.

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