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Carlos Fernandez: How to become a globetrotting CPA

Global | Nov 17, 2016 |

When one thinks of traveling the world for business, working as an overseas accountant may not immediately spring to mind.

Carlos Fernandez, CPA, says it should.

Fernandez has worked as a certified public accountant across five cities, three countries, and two hemispheres. During International Business Week, he spoke with students about his success in global accounting.

Encouraging all students to consider a career abroad, he focused on two fundamental questions that go hand-in-hand in determining one’s international career path.

What is an international accountant?

According to Fernandez, an international accountant is simply a “professional who is profoundly influenced by the international business environment.” It’s practically impossible for the modern-day accountant not to be. So, whether or not one works abroad, Fernandez says, anyone who pursues an accounting career is an international accountant.

How can one become a globetrotting CPA?

Fernandez suggests students seek roles at firms with an international structure, and, more specifically, an overseas mobility program. Actively pursue these opportunities, he urged. 

Once individuals are working abroad, they should be prepared for the challenges that come with adapting to new cultures, but they should also relax and have fun, Fernandez advised.

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