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Newly Launched Sports Business Podcast Features Rich Perelman, J.D., Author, Publisher and Consultant on High-Profile Sports Projects

Faculty | Nov 14, 2023 |

Professor Mark Conrad, J.D. Interviews the Founder and Editor in Chief of The Sports Examiner About the Olympic Movement’s Credibility Issues Now and in the Future

Professor Mark Conrad, J.D., director of the Gabelli School of Business, Sports Business Initiative, and the creator of its newly launch “Sports Business Podcast with Prof. C.,” recently released Episode 4, during which he interviewed Richard Perelman, J.D., author, communications expert, organizer of multi-venue mega sporting events, and publisher of The Sports Examiner, an online resource for commentary, coverage and results of the Olympic games. The podcast primarily focused on the Olympic Movement, which has been subject to scrutiny over the years, facing questions about human rights violations, safety concerns, controversies involving hosting cities and the potential impacts of climate change. Perelman and Conrad examined the response to the myriad issues the Olympic Movement must tackle and what actions the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will need to take to ensure the Olympic Games remain relevant for future generations around the world.

Perelman’s deep knowledge of sports business and the political, social, and economic dynamics that will affect the Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games and beyond, provides an insider’s view into what the IOC will need to address in the coming months and years.

“The IOC has grown in popularity over the past several years, with almost 11,000 athletes expected to participate in the 2024 games in Paris,” he commented. “In the short term, the main question is what is happening with Russia and whether ‘neutral’ Russian athletes will be allowed to compete, as the IOC has promised. But they haven’t defined what that means.” This, he said, is one of the key issues that will affect the IOC’s credibility in the next few years.

The major long-term challenge, according to Perelman, comes after 2032 when the NBCUniversal contract for the U.S. media rights ends, which is still the main driver of the IOC’s revenue. “NBC is hoping for a rebound from the historically low ratings during the Toyko games,” he explained. “There is a lot of concern that NBC may or may not be interested in continuing the contract beyond 2032 and if they are, what the dollar amount will be.” The current contract, through 2032, equates to $7.65 billion in revenue for the organization. In addition, Conrad and Perelman discussed the implications of newly added sports to the roster of games and the impact of climate change on the winter games.

The candid discussion also shed light on numerous events that are contributing to the tumult and disruption the international sports world faces as a whole. Some international sports federations have been accused of corruption and others have had allegations of sexual abuse come to light after years of cover-ups. The ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East complicate sports on a global scale. Only time will tell how these issues ultimately resolve.

Listen to Episode 4 here.

Written by: Michelle Miller, associate director of communications, Fordham University Gabelli School of Business

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