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Success Stories

Success Stories
Success Stories | Dec 27, 2018 |

Success Story: Michael Tanner ’19 interns at Citi

When classes end after the first year of a full-time MBA program, many students choose from one of a few options: working at a summer job, completing an internship, or traveling. For Michael Tanner, MBA ’19, there was an important …

Success Stories
Success Stories | Sep 28, 2018 |

Success Story: Samyukta Pareek ’19 in summer internship at Verizon

While many MBA students revise their résumés multiple times when searching for internships, Samyukta Pareek, MBA ’19, says “I worked on my résumé over 100 times.” It was a version numbering somewhere in the hundreds that she used to land …

Success Stories
Success Stories | Aug 30, 2018 |

Success Story: Rahul Mepani ’21 interns at Manhattan Venture Partners

Freshman year is often a time for students to explore their interests and figure out what career they eventually want to pursue. For one Gabelli School student, it was time to get to work—literally. This past spring and summer, Rahul …

Success Stories
Success Stories | Aug 23, 2018 |

Success Story: Madison Flotteron ’19 accepts consultant job at Deloitte

Though she’s starting her senior year at the Gabelli School next week, Madison Flotteron, BS ’19, already knows what she’ll be doing after graduation next June: beginning a full-time job as a consultant in the Deloitte risk and financial advisory …

Success Stories
Success Stories | Aug 09, 2018 |

Success Story: JC Evans ’20 spends summer at Universal Music Group

JC Evans, BS ’20, has taken full advantage of the Gabelli School’s location in New York City and its many opportunities for networking and building relationships. Add to that his passion for music, and the ingredients were in place for Evans to …

Success Stories
Success Stories | Aug 01, 2018 |

Success Story: Christina Berardino ’20 secures internship at J.P. Morgan

“I loved the high energy of the trading floor!” That was Christina Berardino’s reaction after a Shadow Day at Goldman Sachs in her sophomore year. It was the first time she had ever been on a trading floor, and it …

Success Stories
Success Stories | Jun 28, 2018 |

Success Story: Svetlana Goldin ’18 takes role with Tradewind

By Maja Tarateta When Svetlana Goldin, MBA ’18, moved to the United States from Russia with her husband, she quickly realized that she needed to get an MBA in order to be successful in her job search. “I didn’t have …

Success Stories
Success Stories | Jun 05, 2018 |

Success Story: Brandon Stanford ’18 lands role at EY

by Maja Tarateta For Brandon Stanford, MBA ’18, a chance exchange with a consultant led him to a change of career—and an MBA from the Gabelli School. “I had laser focus on the process of getting to Fordham, and I …

Success Stories
Success Stories | May 31, 2018 |

Success Story: Matthew Farrell ’18 secures cyber consultant role at Deloitte

When Matthew Farrell, BS ’18, was recruited to play Division I water polo at Fordham, he was excited to compete. However, after a freshman-year injury took him out of the water, he realized “I needed to reinvent myself while maintaining …

Success Stories
Success Stories | May 16, 2018 |

Success Story: Gregory Avella ’19 starts summer internship at BlackRock

How do you go from being a pre-med student to working in finance? One Gabelli School student knows from experience. After beginning his Fordham tenure as a pre-med major, Gregory Avella, BS’ 19, has an internship as a U.S. wealth …

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