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Shape Fordham’s tech involvement in the Bronx: 10/17

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A sign of a well-run organization is that it takes time out to make sure it is fulfilling its mission and meeting people’s needs. Our own Center for Digital Transformation is about to pause, take stock and determine the most effective ways to move ahead — and Gabelli School students and alumni are invited to help.

The Bronx is becoming home to more facilities like this one, a tech business incubator on Garrison Avenue.

The CDT, launched in fall 2011, is one of the most dynamic at the Fordham Schools of Business. It deals with a topic that affects all of us: how technology can improve the way we live by promoting growth, raising the standard of living and bringing people out of poverty.

On Wednesday, October 17, the CDT, led by Professor RP Raghupathi, alumnus Robert Gach and Accenture, will convene a day-long workshop titled “Summit on Technology Startups in the Bronx: Opportunities and Challenges.” Student and alumni participants are needed! Please join us for working groups that will map out ways the CDT can get involved through Fordham and into the surrounding Bronx neighborhoods to bring about positive change through technology. Click here for the agenda and click here to register.

Are you interested in doing business in ways that helps society? Are you interested in technology and information systems? Are you interested in entrepreneurship and startups? If so, Gabelli School freshmen through alumni are encouraged to register to attend.

For more information on the Center for Digital Transformation, read this article about its 2011 debut or visit its web site.

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