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Gabelli School Executive MBA Ranked #1 for Gender Balance, The Economist WhichMBA2020

Announcements | Jul 22, 2020 |

The year 2020 marks 100 years since the institution of the 19th constitutional amendment granting women the right to vote, as well as 100 years of the Gabelli School of Business. From the first five female business students to graduate in 1948, to the thousands who have succeeded them, Gabelli School women are transforming business and leading organizations around the world in new and exciting directions.

As we celebrate our 100 years, we renew our strong commitment to the advancement of women in all lanes of corporate leadership; and as we continue to lift up female voices in business, we’re proud to announce that the Gabelli School has ranked #1 for Gender Balance among Executive MBA students, by The Economist WhichMBA 2020.

This honor not only affirms our commitment to a more diverse learning environment, but also confirms our understanding that women are changing business, and the world. As we reflect on this distinction, we exhibit our deep gratitude for female leadership groups inclusive of the Fordham Women in Business, and Fordham Women’s Philanthropy Summit, as they continue to be the changemakers in women’s empowerment on our campuses; providing the platform for amplification and advancement of female voices. We dedicate this honor to every female Gabelli School student and alumni, and look forward to the many achievements of Gabelli women to come!

Donna Rapaccioli
Dean, Gabelli School of Business.

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