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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the number/email for ______________ department at Fordham University?
Student Accounts (email): 718-817-4900
Financial Services (email): 718-817-3800
Graduate Housing (email): 646-773-1936
Health Center (email): 212-636-7160
Office of International Services (email): 718-817-3145
Gabelli Graduate Academic Advising (email): 212-636-6104
Gabelli Career Development Center (email): 646-293-3937
Where can I find information about COVID-19?
When are we supposed to pay the tuition and how do we pay?
Fall 2022 bills are scheduled to be emailed by the end of the first week of July and they will have a due date of sometime around the last week/beginning of August.

You can pay online through their ebill suite in your my.fordham account, or in person or via wire transfer.

For more information on how to pay your bill please click here.

Does Fordham offer housing in Manhattan?
Fordham does offer graduate housing. The graduate housing office can be reached at gradhousing@fordham.edu or 646-773-1936.
When will we be able to apply for the graduate assistantships?
All eligible full-time graduate business students can apply to be considered for graduate assistant positions. Graduate assistantships fall into two primary categories: academic and administrative. Academic graduate assistants work closely with faculty on research projects and initiatives. Administrative graduate assistants work closely with a variety of business units within the business school to provide administrative support.

Graduate assistantships can be either 150 hours (10 hours per week, per term) or 300 hours (20 hours per week, per term).

Graduate assistant applications will be emailed out to all enrolled students in the last week of July.

How can I receive my scholarship? When is this applied to my student account?
Scholarship will be paid to the student’s account first and if there is an excess of funds after the tuition is covered then refunds will be sent 7-10 days after the end of the period either by a check in the mail or direct deposit. Direct deposits can be set up through your my.fordham portal.
Regarding the health insurance, do I need to purchase insurance from Fordham if I already have the health insurance; and if not, how should I waive it?
Under the regulations, everyone in F-1 and J-1 status is required to have health insurance coverage while in the US.
Fordham does have a health insurance plan which it offers to students. At the beginning of each semester, you are automatically billed for Fordham’s international student health insurance coverage. You can choose to either retain this coverage (as most of our international students do), or to waive this coverage by obtaining your own, independent coverage.
Please click here for full information on Fordham health insurance coverage and the requirements needed to waive it.

Academic Schedule and Modality

What are online classes like? Live? Recorded?
The Gabelli School is committed to developing the best possible remote educational experience, leading to an excellent in-class experience on midtown Manhattan campus. All classrooms will be equipped to live capture, so students across the globe can actively engage alongside their peers on campus.

Both hybrid and online classes will be a mix of live, synchronous classwork, and online asynchronous content you will complete on your own. If your class has a designated time during which it meets, the expectation is that you will join the class at that time. Professors will provide detailed guidance on when the course meets live in person or online as well as expectations around asynchronous participation.

Unless otherwise communicated through the course description, class syllabus, or directly from the course professor, the times indicated for courses are the times you should:
• Online- anticipate being logged in for a live section
• Hybrid- anticipate attending class in person
Students can participate remotely no matter their location. Remote participants will receive the same personalized attention, excellent professors, and small class sizes as those on campus.

My degree program has a boot camp or summer intensive program. How will the boot camp or summer intensive program be delivered if I start in the Fall?
Winter/January intensives are provided only online through our Blackboard LMS system and Zoom. Your academic advisor will provide registration information and guidance on these courses in your student advising webinar.
Will there still be a new student orientation? Can I engage remotely?
Our new student orientation, Gabelli Launch, is designed to provide you with all the information and experiences you need to be successful in your program. We offer a variety of virtual workshops and information sessions in the weeks leading up the start of the semester. These include workshops in time management, career development, team bonding, and information sessions with student clubs and the Office of International Students. Some of these events are for all incoming graduate students and others will be program-specific. This is a great way to meet members of your cohort, members of other cohorts, and our staff, administration, and faculty. The specifics of your Gabelli Launch experience unique to your graduate program will be communicated to you via your Fordham email and the Gabelli Launch Blackboard course.
Will there be a tuition fee restructuring if students choose to stay online/ face-to-face classes are still suspended?
We are committed to providing the highest quality instruction and student experience no matter the modality. Tuition and fee structures will remain unchanged.
When will course registration begin?
As a newly admitted student, you should expect to receive communications from the Advising Office beginning in late May. These communications will include more detailed information about your program’s Curriculum, Fall registration, and more. In the interim, please feel free to familiarize yourself with your program’s curriculum by visiting your Master’s program website.

Executive MBA

What are the orientation dates?
The orientation dates have not yet been set. You will be emailed as soon as they are finalized.
What is the facility we will be staying in for the first residential weekend?
It is a hotel and/or conference facility. This has not yet been finalized.
When do we begin voting for the capstone travel location?
We will vote in the Summer of 2022. The exact date has not yet been set.
How many students will be in the cohort?
There will be 25-30 students in the cohort.
When do we do the international elective and how do we sign up?
The first elective in Ireland usually takes place in the third week of July during the Summer semester and it is one week long. Further details on registration will be provided later in the year. The second international elective (Spain—Jesuit Leadership Course) will take place in October of your second year.
How many days total is the Jesuit Leadership course?
The Jesuit Leadership course is one week long.
Is the international elective covered within the tuition?
As the international electives are extra there is a nominal fee. We do try to keep this low however, and it has been the same price for the last five years.
I am looking to take electives in a niche area, how much freedom do I have in my choice of electives?
If you are interested in taking electives in highly specific or niche areas, you can select electives from our full course catalogue. If it is a very niche area then you also have the option of doing a one-on-one tutorial with a professor in a particular field.

If you are looking to take courses from outside of the business school, then this can be looked at on a case-by-case basis with your academic adviser.

Is the capstone covered in the tuition?
Yes, everything for the capstone is covered in the tuition except for the airfare. Food, accommodations, and everything else during the week you are there is covered.
Can EMBA students join any of the Graduate Student Clubs?
Yes, you have full access to our graduate student clubs. Many of our current EMBA students are actively involved in these clubs.
How do we request consideration for a scholarship?
All applicants are automatically considered for scholarships during the admissions process, and anything you receive will be shown in your decision letter.

If you do not receive any scholarship funding, we do offer continuing student scholarships that available to apply for in October. You will receive an email in September/October with full information on how to apply for these. These scholarships are also available for students who have already received scholarship funding.

How do we apply for graduate assistantships?
Typically, EMBA or working professional students do not pursue graduate assistant roles due to the conflicting time commitments of your job and the hours needed to work as a GA.

However, you are able to apply for graduate assistant roles if you would like, and the application is emailed out in September/October. You can email admissionsgb@fordham.edu for more information.

Do we have full access to the career center/career resources during the program and after the program as well?
EMBA students have access to the tools and resources of the Career Development Center and are encouraged to join workshops and other CDC events. The only thing you will not be able to take part in is one-on-one career advising. For this, we have partnered with a career transition program unique to the EMBA that is aimed at students looking to make a mid-career pivot into a different company or industry.
Any Covid related info we should know about?
The school will require you to be vaccinated but the full policy has not been outlined yet. The in class set up is constantly evolving and details will be sent out via email and the admitted student portal once they are finalized.

Professional MBA

For the first semester its accounting and statistics on Wed night from 5:45 until 10:00 correct?
The Fall schedule is as follows:

Fundamentals of Accounting (ACGB 6111)
In-Person: Wednesdays@5:45PM or 8:00PM; or
Online: Mondays@8:00PM

Statistics (DGGB 6820)
In-Person: Wednesdays@5:45PM or 8:00PM; or
Online: Wednesdays@5:45PM

What are the maximum number of courses we can register for per term in the 2nd year?
We recommend you speak to your academic advisor (Ilze Frierson, frierson@fordham.edu) directly about this as it varies on a case-by-case basis. For the first two semesters we recommend you stick with two courses (6 credits).
What kind of time commitment should we expect for independent learning/homework?
Outside time commitments vary from course to course, however every class is scheduled for 30 hours of in class time. The usual schedule is one two-hour class every week for 15 weeks. On average students spend double the amount of time working outside of class; so 4 hours each week of outside work for every two hours of class time. This does vary person to person and depending on the course.
I tried uploading health forms but seems like the health portal is still processing enrollment. Is there a date those forms are due?
The dates are listed in your admitted student portal.
Are there any classes or activities on weekday mornings or weekends?
Later in the program there are some electives that may be held on the weekends. This will usually be during the summer semester.
When is our first tuition bill due?
You will not be billed until you have registered for classes. Bills will typically be issued around 2-4 weeks after you register for your classes, and the due date is in August.
You can view your bills on your my.fordham portal.
I am interested in a secondary concentration, does that mean my graduation date will be extended?
Primary concentrations take 5 courses, and we offer 7 different tracks. Secondary concentrations take 3 courses, and you can study any of the primary tracks as a secondary concentration, as well as several interdisciplinary tracks. This will be covered in detail at orientation.
Taking a secondary concentration does not affect your total credit amount.
How much support is available for someone who has been out of school for around 10 years or more?
We have tutoring available for all in students in the more technical aspects of your program such as statistics, accounting, finance, and python etc.
Is study abroad available for professional MBA students?
Yes, two years ago we took PMBA students to Ireland for a global immersion opportunity. We are hoping to be able to take students back on study abroad programs, but no decisions have been made yet.
These global immersion trips are usually around 7-10 days. These are typically a mix of company visits, classes, and cultural events.
Is tutoring free for students if needed?
Yes, tutoring is free for all students.
I am a career switcher doing the PMBA program, what resources do you have available for me?
We recommend that you start working with our career development center as early as possible to help you define a plan to achieve your new career. Work with them to finalize which industry and what role you are looking to move into. It is best to do this in your first two semesters so you can plan which courses will benefit you the most here at Gabelli.
We also have coaching circles for PMBA students; one of which is aimed specifically at career switchers.
What happens if we cannot attend one of the days during Gabelli Launch?
We strongly recommend that you attend every day of Gabelli Launch. Gabelli Launch is specifically designed to give you the best start in your courses during your first semester.
If you do miss a day for any reason you will need to work with your academic advisor to make sure you have all the information you need and it is expected that you will attend the next Gabelli Launch (in January).

Fall 2022 New International Students

Will completing all of my classes online in the Spring impact my F1 status?
At this time, New International Students on an F-1 visa who are studying from/living in the US must be registered for a minimum of 9 credits AND must be registered for at least one hybrid course in order to satisfy F-1 status requirements. If this is your first semester of study IN the US, you may not take classes entirely online.
I am an international student and have or will be requesting an I-20 to obtain an F1 Visa. How will a flexible arrival impact this process?
International applicants are issued I-20’s with a September start date. If an international student knows that they will not be able to arrive for a September start date, they must inform their assigned academic advisor of their predicted arrival date immediately and register for online courses. They must also notify OIS about their situation, as OIS must then adjust the I-20 start date.

International students who are still in the US and are continuing their studies in the US after a transfer or change of educational level at Fordham University should try to register for hybrid in-person sections if their F-1 status is active.

How is my F-1 status/CPT/OPT eligibility affected if I cannot make it to campus in September?
International work authorizations (student visa, CPT, OPT) remain unchanged. Students must be in active F-1 student status for at least two full semesters before they are eligible for CPT and/or OPT.

Our Office of International Services is in regular contact with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security. If any changes are made in response to the current pandemic, we will communicate those to you in a timely manner. If you need more immediate advice, please contact OIS.

I have already had two vaccines in China, can I join in person for the Fall semester? Do I need to take the American vaccine again?
While we still await guidance from the New York State Department of Health (DOH) regarding the vaccines used outside of the United States, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued guidance in early May, 2021.

• Individuals who received a full series of a vaccine currently authorized for emergency use by the World Health Organization (WHO) do not need any additional doses with an FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccine.

• For individuals who were partially vaccinated with a WHO-authorized vaccine or who were vaccinated with a vaccine not authorized for emergency use by the WHO, a full series of an FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccine can be administered with a minimal interval of 28-days post vaccination with a non-FDA-authorized vaccine.

Please click here for more information on our vaccine policy.

Can I apply for CPT immediately if I have an internship opportunity or do I have to wait a certain time to be able to apply?
Immigration regulations make CPT authorization available to F-1 students who have been lawfully enrolled on a full-time basis for at least nine consecutive months and such employment is in his or her field of studies, which is an integral part of the curriculum or degree.

Note: in the case of Gabelli School of Business graduate students, lawfully enrolled full-time for two trimesters is considered eligible for CPT.

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Fordham Fitness: The fitness center on the second floor of the McMahon Residence Hall is equipped with weight equipment, treadmills, and elliptical machines.

Gabelli Perks: To provide Gabelli School students with discounts on and off campus, we have developed partnerships with local and national companies.

Student Health Center: Provides services with an emphasis placed on health education, illness prevention, and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices. University Health Services also serves as a resource for health education materials.140 W. 62nd Street, Room G-16, 212-636-7160

Health Insurance: studentinsurance@fordham.edu

ID & Duplicating Offices: (212) 636-6048

IT Helpdesk: In addition to assisting with problems logging into my.fordham.edu and other IT-related issues, IT offers technology trainings and workshops. (718) 817-3999; helpdesk@fordham.edu

Lincoln Center Campus Maps

Security Desk (Lincoln Center): (212) 636-6075

Weather Related Info: (800) 280-SNOW

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