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Rosa Romeo: I am the Gabelli School

Profiles | Mar 18, 2021 |

Rosa Romeo joined the Gabelli School of Business in January 2004 as director of the Accounting Program and Dual Degree Programs. She is currently an associate clinical professor and the accounting area coordinator/course scheduler.

Here Rosa reflects on her long history at the Gabelli School, the faculty member who has most inspired her, and how her life changed forever on the steps of Eddie’s Parade.

What is one of your favorite Gabelli School stories?

Being part of the Fordham community for many years, I have quite a number of favorite stories. My all-time favorite is telling everyone how I met my husband on the steps of Eddie’s Parade during our freshman orientation weekend. I was a commuter and my husband dormed in what was then South. A mutual friend invited me to meet up with some other students who were going out to eat together and my husband was one of them. We instantly clicked and became great friends. Our group of friends basically spent the whole freshman year as a pack and we are all still friends today. We started officially dating sophomore year and have been married for 19 years. Every time we have been on campus with our children, we have always told them this story and shown them the steps – as they roll their eyes, of course!

What is the best advice you’d share with someone about determination and drive?

I am motivated and reinvigorated when I see a student become passionate about accounting. I am an accounting dork and when that is passed on and I see a student’s face light up with understanding, I become very excited! My three daughters also motivate me every day. I want to ensure that I lead by example and that they see me do good work from my heart. I want them to see that when you love what you do, and it is done with good intentions, you can achieve your goals.

What are three words that come to your mind that describe the Gabelli School of Business?

Beautiful: Every time I walk onto the Rose Hill campus, I am reminded of how beautiful it is. It puts a smile on my face and helps me start my day peacefully.

Hard work: Our students work hard to ensure they gain all they can from the classroom to the extracurricular activities, to the many internships they hold. They amaze me daily with how much they accomplish.

Collaborative: I have always enjoyed working with the administration/staff at the Gabelli School. I have witnessed people from various areas and specialties willing to roll up their sleeves and put in the work to ensure goals are met for the students and programs. I am also proud that as our students work toward achieving their individual goals, that they are more than willing to help their fellow classmates do the same.

How did you come to join the Gabelli School community initially?

I came to the Gabelli School in 1994 as a freshman and received my Bachelor of Science in Public Accounting in 1998. I then went on to the Dual Degree Program and received my MBA in 1999.  While I was working at PwC, I was approached by Dr. Barbara Porco who asked if I had any interest in interviewing for the position of director of the accounting and dual degree programs at Fordham. I started this position in January 2004. From that time, I have held a variety of administrative positions, mainly related to my role as director of the accounting program. In the fall of 2011, I was asked to be a clinical faculty member.

Is there a member of our community who has inspired you? 

I have been inspired by Barbara Porco as she brought me back into the fold of the Fordham family. She has guided me throughout the years, has always lent an ear and has shown me that when Fordham is part of your DNA, you continuously work hard to ensure the students get the best they can from the programs we offer, as we always want to move Fordham forward.

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