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Ambassador Information: Lincoln Center


  • The program opened its doors to freshmen in fall 2014.
  • About 150 students are enrolled each year.
  • Students live in the Pei-Freed-Cobb-designed residence hall on West 62nd Street.
  • Classes are small and close-knit.
  • Two full-time assistant deans provide advising exclusively to Lincoln Center students. Dean Bob Daly advises students on their curricular and co-curricular experiences. Father Vincent DeCola is a Jesuit with an MBA and advises students on their Fordham academic experience. Click here to learn more about Lincoln Center advising.
  • Want super-specific information about the LC program? Drop Father DeCola a line at decola@fordham.edu or call him at 212.636.6696.


  • Degree is called “Bachelor of Science in Global Business” — different from Rose Hill.
  • A fully global curriculum: All course content is global.
  • Full liberal arts core: Sets Fordham apart from other business schools within New York City.
  • Why a liberal arts core for a business student? Studying English, philosophy, history, theology, and other disciplines develops speaking, writing, and context skills — the things that set apart a future CEO, COO, or other top business leader from a garden-variety staff member.
  • Three concentrations chosen based on areas where hiring is growing:
    • Digital media and technology – Media Track
    • Digital media and technology – Technology Track
    • Global finance and business economics
    • Global marketing with consumer insights
  • Requirement to hold at least one internship
  • Requirement to have a global educational experience (this could be a full semester of study abroad or a Global Immersion program of shorter length which is linked to one of the upper-division courses).
  • Students are encouraged (but not required) to study a foreign language
  • Close connections with FCLC liberal arts departments with opportunity to do a minor in an area of liberal arts related to interests/business goals.
  • It is multi-disciplinary. Every area of business connects. Our students understand how.
  • Students think entrepreneurially. “Entrepreneurial” doesn’t just refer to starting a new business. An entrepreneurial thinker at a big bank, for example, comes up with ideas that no one else does.
  • Class projects replicate the real business world, where the challenges facing businesses are rarely “just an accounting problem” or “just a marketing problem.” Great solutions draw upon all business disciplines. Each year at the Gabelli School, students take on a 1-credit integrated project that helps them look at business in this holistic way. Each project is designed to complement what they are studying that year. Freshmen assess their future career options, sophomores learn to work in teams, juniors focus on data analytics, and seniors work on their leadership capabilities.


  • On-site class dean/advisor specifically designated for Lincoln Center. (See information about Father DeCola above.)
  • Access to university-wide Career Services.
  • Access to Gabelli School-specific Personal and Professional Development Center.
  • Close proximity to business alumni network in Manhattan: More than 37,000 Gabelli School alumni are part of a group of 180,000 Fordham alumni worldwide.
  • Fordham is an Ashoka Changemaker Campus and is Fair Trade Certified. In addition, the Gabelli School is one of the UN’s 24 worldwide Principles for Responsible Management “Champion” institutions.

CONCENTRATION #1: Digital Media and Technology

Attractive to people who want careers in:

  • Developing mobile apps
  • Coordinating social media campaigns
  • Overseeing e-commerce
  • Designing web-based businesses with global potential

Actual courses you’ll be able to take:

  • Social Media Across the Globe
  • Mobile Commerce and Apps
  • New Media and Communication Law
  • Media Economics
  • Fundamentals of Website Design

CONCENTRATION #2: Global Finance and Business Economics

Attractive to people who want careers in:

  • Financial analysis
  • Sales and trading
  • Investment management
  • Risk management / compliance

Actual courses you’ll be able to take:

  • Global Business Economics and Trade
  • Global Financial Management
  • Global Investments
  • Global Financial Statement Analysis
  • Financial Applications and Institutions in the 21st Century

CONCENTRATION #3: Global Marketing with Consumer Insights

Attractive to people who want careers in:

  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Business anthropology is a growing field of study and offers exciting professional opportunities in industry. Anthropology explores the various and complex cultural ways of ordering life. Business leaders increasingly find that insights from anthropology are necessary to reduce complexity and rethink what they offer customers on their terms, how products and services interact differently in various cultural settings, and how different worldviews interact to create brand meaning. The Gabelli School’s business anthropology course instructs students on ways to develop and understand consumer behavior for global reach, devise brand strategies for specific markets, and understand brands from a local point of view.

Actual courses you’ll be able to take:

  • Cross-Cultural Consumer Insights I and II
  • Global Consumer Behavior
  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • Business Anthropology in a Global Context
  • Marketing Research

Heard questions from prospectives that you need help answering for the future?
Contact the assistant deans for the Bachelor of Science in Global Business program, Vincent DeCola, S.J. at decola@fordham.edu or Bob Daly at rdaly9@fordham.edu.

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