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Fordham University Gabelli School of Business to host the INTEGRATE 2023 Conference June 20 and 21, 2023

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Fordham University Gabelli School of Business to Host INTEGRATE 2023 Conference

The Fordham University Gabelli School of Business will be hosting the INTEGRATE 2023 Conference on June 20 and 21, 2023 on Fordham’s Lincoln Center Campus. Content will focus on transforming corporate finance to regenerative finance, using ESG to drive business performance, mitigate business risk and move capital into ESG Innovation at scale. REGISTER NOW FOR EARLY BIRD PRICING

The Conference will explore the role of the rCFO, which stands for a Regenerative CFO—an individual who combines ESG and integrated systems thinking into the traditional finance function to inform internal decision making that is both in the best interest of the company, as well as the environment and society.

Integrate's 5-Pilla rCFO Framework 

A 5-Pillar Regenerative Finance Framework will serve as the underpinning for the critical discussions that will be covered during the Conference. This framework will ultimately serve as a guide that will help CFOs learn how to design financial systems and allocations to move capital into ESG innovation at scale. It consists of 1) Governance and Risk Mitigation, 2) Context for Science-Based Goal Setting, 3) Corporate Decision Systems for ESG Innovation, 4) Regenerative Financing, and 5) Integrated Reporting, IR & Advocacy

Content below from INTEGRATE’S rCFO Brief, provides insights into the types of topics that will be covered at the Conference as well as the experts who will share their knowledge.

Fifth Pillar – Commentary: Integrated Reporting and Advocacy

We end this year with a summary of our fifth pillar: Integrated Reporting and Advocacy.

At the beginning of the year, we expected that the SEC would have adopted the final rulings on climate reporting before the end of 2022. Alas, this was not to be. As we enter 2023 without guidance from the SEC, we ask, “What is the responsibility of CFOs regarding ESG disclosure?”

The proposal is unusual in that it covers both the front part of the 10K — the narrative portion that includes the business description management’s discussion and analysis, etc. — and proposes a section on climate that would include a narrative discussion of the company’s greenhouse gas emissions, as well as its strategy for addressing climate-related financial risks. Further, the proposal also addresses what’s called the back part of the document that suggests that there be a note in the financial statements that addresses the impact of climate-related risks and opportunities.

The proposal will likely require all filers to disclose Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions, such as onsite or controlled by the company. Some companies may need to include more information about Scope 3 emissions, which are emissions that aren’t produced directly from the reporting company but from the activities of its value chain. (Note: There is ambiguity about how hard it will be for companies to report their Scope 3, as it is permissible to report on Scope 3 using averages.) The ramifications of the above complexity is that the CFO needs to be thinking both strategically and systematically to fully address new K and Q reporting requirements.

Although the regs are not yet in full swing, the ramifications are clear: Get ready for an unprecedented level of reporting. This means that CFOs and CPAs (controllers and accountancies) need to begin to prepare for this inevitability. Like it or not, reporting will take on a new meaning in 2023/24.

There is more to cover on this topic (Pillar 5 of our framework) and we will do so in depth during our “How To” workshops at the INTEGRATE 2023 Conference June 20 & 21, 2023 at Fordham University Gabelli School of Business on the Lincoln Center Campus in New York City.


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Insights From the Team

Both Allen Campbell and Michael Kraten will be featured speakers at the INTEGRATE Conference. Stay informed regarding their latest insights from our blog:

Global Automotive Industry Faces Scrutiny over Labor Abuses in China’s Xinjiang Province by Allen Campbell, JD, MBA, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, McAlan LC

Renewables vs. Coal: Will Clean Energy Emerge Triumphant? by Michael Kraten, Ph.D., CPA, Professor of Accounting at Houston Baptist University

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rCFO Spotlight: Wes Bricker

Man wearing glasses and a suit.
Wes Bricker is the vice chair of PwC’s U.S. Trust Solutions Co-Leader. In this role he oversees the largest Trust platform in the world, bringing together the firm’s combined Audit, ESG, Digital Assurance and Tax Reporting capabilities to best help clients as they seek to build trust with their stakeholders. As co-leader, Bricker is responsible for the quality of service, excellence in the work performed by over 21,000 partners and staff, developing diverse teams, and driving innovation. Previously, he was the chief accountant for the SEC.


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