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Event planning checklist for students

Dear Student Leaders,


Every year, there are so many, many events on the Gabelli School calendar — a ton of which overlap. The Finance Society does a résumé and cover letter event, for example … and so does the Economics Society, the Management Society, ALPFA and so on down the line.

The result is duplication and craziness.

We implore you to team up.

Before you plan out any events, please speak with your fellow club leaders (or people in the Gabelli School administration, like the accounting and finance advisors) and see what you can produce together.

The more we can consolidate events, the better attendance will be at each one. Less is more!

Now, when it comes to planning your specific events, here are some guidelines:


Beginning of semester

  1. Goal-setting: Plan out your goals for the semester. What do your members want? What events aren’t currently being offered by others? Who is your target audience? How many people do you expect at your events? How many events does your club need to offer? How many can you/should you offer?

1 month before event

  1. Research
    • View the GabelliConnect calendar. What events have already been planned by the Gabelli School administration, Career Services and other organizations?
    • Based on what’s already out there, do you really need to create a whole separate event? If your event overlaps with something else that’s already out there, consider getting together with whoever is running that similar event and co-hosting ONE event. Teaming up will make for less event “clutter” and a stronger result in terms of overall attendance.
    • If there is no overlap with anything on the calendar and you decide to move ahead with your own independent event, please contact Colleen Sullivan (GSB ’09), the Gabelli School’s event planner (colleen.fordhamevents@gmail.com), to let her know what you are planning. She may be able to help you co-promote your event through the Gabelli School administration.
  2. Choose a date and time
    • Again, view the GabelliConnect calendar. Choose a day on which there as few competing events as possible. Double-check the academic calendar to make sure the event doesn’t happen during midterms, finals, holidays or other difficult periods.
    • Check CareerLink (Career Services) to make sure your event doesn’t coincide with a major Career Services event.
  3. Invite/coordinate a speaker
    • If you are using an outside speaker (an alumnus/alumna, corporate representative, etc.), make sure that person is available on your chosen date. Note: The higher profile the individual, the more lead time you will need to leave in order to get on his/her schedule. One month may not be sufficient in the vast majority of cases. Plan farther ahead!
    • Look up whether the speaker you plan to invite is a President’s Council member. If so, pause everything. First, communicate with Julie Fissinger at fissinger@fordham.edu. She will help you to take the next steps in the right way.
  4. Find a space for your event. Different spaces require different procedures.
    • Hughes Hall: Certain rooms may be reserved in advance online, using a new system within GabelliConnect. Visit www.gabelliconnect.com and look for “Reserve Meeting Rooms in Hughes Hall” under the “Events” menu. You’ll notice that when you mouse over it, a list of rooms displays to the right. Click the room you want, and fill out the online form to complete your booking.
    • All other rooms are reserved through Student Activities. Download the room reservation form here. The form, once complete, should be submitted to the Office of Student Life at eventspacerh@fordham.edu.

2 weeks before event

  1. If needed, secure A/V for your event and order catering.
    • For media needs, e-mail the Media Services team. Be sure to e-mail both Francis Katai at katai@fordham.edu and Rafael De León at rdeleon@fordham.edu and let them know when, where and what you need.
    • For on-campus catering needs, you can fill out the catering form here.
    • For off-campus catering needs, you must make arrangements on your own. NOTE:  If you have not ordered via Sodexho, you will not receive additional tables, table cloths, plasticware and clean up service, etc. Please plan accordingly. You are responsible for ensuring the cleanliness of the room after the event.
    • Is your event worth writing about as a news story? If so, give a heads-up to Nicole Gesualdo, the Gabelli School’s director of communications, at ngesualdo@fordham.edu. Depending on how things go, she may be able to help you get your event written up for GabelliConnect.
  2. Check in with your speaker
    • Does your speaker have a digital presentation? Find out. Depending on the room, it may be easier for your speaker to bring his/her presentation on a flash drive. Ask if he or she might want to send a copy of the presentation in advance for setup and testing. If your speaker uses a Mac, please be advised that Media Services does not provide the converters.
    • Ensure your speaker has directions to campus. Here is a link you can provide.
  3. Promote
    • GabelliConnect

      • All student-submitted events are reviewed by the web site administrators, so it will not post immediately. Please allow at least 48 hours for moderation.
      • As a student, you will not have the ability to set up online registration for your event. Should you need online registration, we can help you. Please contact your club’s advisor or e-mail Colleen Sullivan (GSB ’09), the Gabelli School’s event planner (colleen.fordhamevents@gmail.com).
    • Fliers and posters
      • Note: All fliers must be approved for posting by the Office of Student Life. Visit the Office of Student Life (OSL) suite on the 2nd floor of the McGinley Center. All poster materials are available in the OSL suite.
      • Please note that you may NOT post paper fliers just anywhere in Hughes Hall, so as to not damage the walls of the new building. You may only use areas specifically designated for fliers. If you need to know where you can and cannot post, please see the secretaries on the fourth floor of Hughes, directly across from the elevators.
    • Digital screens
      • Advertise your event using the digital display/TV screens around campus. E-mail Jeff Haynes at jhaynes@fordham.edu a soft copy (.doc, .docx, .pdf or .jpg) of your flier in standard U.S. letter size. Indicate whether your event is relevant to (a) the Gabelli community only or (b) the full Fordham community.
    • Social
      • Use your personal network. Post to your Facebook and Twitter. Tell your friends. Note:  Facebook events can be helpful, but if you are requiring people to register for your event via GabelliConnect, sometimes creating a Facebook event causes confusion. Students think that RSVPing via Facebook is enough, which it is not. We recommend providing the GabelliConnect calendar link directly via Facebook.

24 to 48 hours prior to event

  1. Reminders
    • Send a reminder to event attendees/club members, tweet and post on Facebook.
    • Send a reminder to your external speaker if needed, including driving and transit directions and your cell number in case of emergency.
    • Ensure that your speaker will be able to enter campus. E-mail John Carroll, director of security, at jcarroll@fordham.edu with the name of your speaker and the date and time he/she will arrive.
  2. Day of event
    • Get to the room at least 15 minutes early to set up and make sure the door is open, that all A/V is set up, that refreshments have been delivered and so on.
    • Greet your speaker and make sure he or she has water (and food if available) and that his or her A/V is set up, if needed.
    • Have a sign-in sheet for student attendance. Collect name, e-mail and class year.
    • Make the evaluation web form link available (link and/or QR Code) if necessary.

Day after the event

  1. Send a thank-you note to your speaker. In some cases, you may want to provide Dean Rapaccioli the contact information (as well as relevant information about the event) so that she also can thank the speaker directly. You can contact her at gsbdean@fordham.edu.
  2. Send pictures, video and a narrative, fact-packed event recap to Nicole Gesualdo (ngesualdo@fordham.edu) so that it can be posted on GabelliConnect and/or the official Gabelli School Facebook page and Twitter.

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