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Gabelli Graduate School Peer Advisors

The Gabelli School Graduate Peer Advising program connects established graduate students with incoming peers to provide support, guidance, and information and help with their transition to the Gabelli School of Business and for many, New York City. Gabelli School Graduate Peer Advisors also work with administrators and the Student Advisory Council (SAC) to collaborate on ideas and represent their Gabelli graduate program.

Please feel free to connect with any of the peer advisors you’d like to, whether they are participating in the same academic program as you, or because they have similar backgrounds, hobbies, or career interests as you! You may contact them directly and individually using their emails below, or via the “Ask Your Peer Advisor” tab in your Microsoft Teams program channel.

MS Professional Accounting
Cranford, New Jersey

I am currently earning my master’s in accounting while I simultaneously study for the CPA exam. I attended Fordham University for my undergraduate education as well, majoring in public accounting. I completed a virtual internship at KPMG this past summer and will be starting my career at KPMG as an audit associate later this year. I was very involved with mentoring and advising students throughout my undergraduate years – I was a New Student Orientation leader, Gabelli School of Business Freshman Advising Mentor, and a University Ambassador for the Rose Hill Society (a tour guide). I enjoyed all of these positions so much and wanted to continue my role helping and advising students as a graduate student. I love working with people, and I am really looking forward to being a resource for students throughout the year!

MS Quantitive Finance
Beijing, China

My name is Claudia Cai and I am a first-year master’s student at the Gabelli School, studying quantitative finance. I currently reside in Beijing, China. Prior to my journey at Fordham, I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in financial mathematics at U.C. Santa Barbara. In the future, I would like to build a career in asset management or wealth management. My hobbies include baking cakes, hiking, and traveling.

MS Business Analyics
New Jersey

My name is Sebastian Carvajal, and I am a graduate student at the Gabelli School, from New Jersey. I completed my undergraduate degree in finance and have experience working in the fields of finance and operations. Previously, I worked as an operations planner and consultant for an Italy-based cosmetics company. Following that role, I transitioned into my current role as a financial reporting and analytics analyst for the state of New Jersey. I am currently pursuing my graduate degree in business analytics here at Fordham. The MSBA program has given me the opportunity to learn and master the many skills required to execute in a data-driven world. Following graduation, I would like to continue my journey as a financial analyst and apply my diverse skillset to the complex problems that are prevalent in today’s business world. On my free time, I enjoy learning new skills, reading, and living an active and fit lifestyle.

MS Global Finance
Hermosillo, Mexico

My name is Maria and I am from Mexico. I studied finance and worked for two Mexican banks in their derivatives departments for over two years. I am currently enrolled in the MS in Global Finance at Fordham, and when I graduate I hope I can continue working in the derivatives field. My favorite things to do are reading, exercising, and traveling.

MS Business Analytics
Lima, Peru

My name is Dante Dupont and I’m from Lima, Peru. I’m working toward an MS in Business Analytics at the Gabelli School and I’m interested in working as a data scientist once I graduate. I’m a big fan of films and I love hiking whenever I get a chance to get out of the city.

MS Global Finance
Beirut, Lebanon

My name is Nazih, but you can call me Naz, or Nano, if you prefer. I was born in Sydney and raised in Lebanon and the UAE in a predominantly English-speaking household by my Lebanese father and Russian mother, with a lot of French influence as well from my father’s side. I am always happy to meet and connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Aside from my interest in the finance industry, I also watching basketball, stand-up comedy, biking around NYC, as well as practicing yoga on a daily basis, which I consider the best way to maintain a healthy spine to counteract sitting all the time. I chose to become a Gabelli School Graduate Peer Advisor because I genuinely enjoy providing recommendations and insights to people when I am able to.

MS Business Analytics
Hefei, China

My name is Yiqi Fu, and I was born and raised in Hefei, Anhui, China. I graduated from the MSSD program in 2020, and I am currently a student in the MSBA program. I am a data scientist with a passion for working on datasets and discovering underlying patterns. I enjoy lifting weights, reading, cooking, and listening to rap music while coding. I received a lot of help from the Gabelli School community, including professors and advisors, and I want to take this opportunity to give back and help others in need.

MS Global Finance
New York, NY

My name is Iqra and I am originally from Pakistan, but I was raised in the Middle East. I have 7+ years of experience in different fields. I initially started out as an assistant professor for a business management course in Arab Open University Saudi Arabia. Then I switched to being an accountant for several companies in Middle East. I am currently enrolled in the MSGF program and I intend to specialize in risk management using the tracks offered by the university. I love traveling. I strongly believe if you want to learn and grow just take a trip alone. You end up learning so much more about yourself and meeting different people from different cultures always excites me. I have also a passion for cooking and I am a big-time foodie. If you need any recommendations on where to eat out, I am the right person to ask. I have recently developed a growing interest in learning guitar.

MS Business Analytics
Dhaka, Bangladesh

My name is Tahsin Rakib Himi and I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh, but I call New York City my home. I previously worked in the healthcare industry and I am currently studying business analytics at the Gabelli School. I would like to be a data analyst in the entertainment/technology industry. I am interested in learning more about the music industry and growing/starting my blog. My hobbies include reading, dancing, and cooking.

MS Quantitative Finance
Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam

My name is Bach and I am from Vietnam. Prior to attending Fordham, I worked in investment management. I am currently studying in the MS in Quantitative Finance program at the Gabelli School, and I would like to pursue a career in investment management after I graduate. My interests and hobbies include traveling, camping, swimming, and music.

MS Marketing Intelligence
Portland, Oregon

My name is Jenna Koury, and I am pursuing a master’s of marketing intelligence at the Gabelli School. I am so excited to be joining the Gabelli School Graduate Peer Advisors in 2021. I am originally from Portland, Oregon, and I completed my bachelor’s degree at Fordham University Rose Hill in May 2020. During my time as an undergrad, I interned with Birchbox on their merchandising team, and I hope to continue to work in the realm of fashion and luxury goods after I graduate in August. Besides my interest in fashion & business, I love reading, staying up to date on politics, and musical theatre!

MS Quantitative Finance
Beijing, China

I go by Lexi and I was born and raised in Beijing, China. I received my bachelor’s degree in financial engineering from the Central University of Finance and Economics. In my spare time, I enjoy playing sports, visiting museums, going grocery shopping, and learning new languages. I am very excited about this opportunity to become a peer advisor and help my peers adjust to life in a new city, a new campus, and a new culture. This fabulous campus and this fancy city have brought me so many stories and I cannot wait to share them with the new students. The upcoming academic year will be wonderful, but certainly in a different way.

MS Business Analytics
Sao Paulo, Brazil

My name is Leo Luchetti and I am studying business analytics at the Gabelli School. I came here to deepen my technological expertise in machine learning and advance my career as a future data scientist. I was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil and came to Fordham from the non-profit industry, working at Feeding Children Everywhere and assisting the distribution logistics of millions of meals to local communities in need.

I currently serve the executive boards of the Fordham Business Analytics Society and Net Impact to take an active role in student development and sustainable action in the community. Beyond academics, I spend my time reading books, learning musical instruments, and producing music.

MS Media Management
Boston, MA

I’m Michaila, originally from Boston, MA, but I moved to NYC for my undergrad at Fordham, receiving a business administration degree concentrating on marketing and global business. Currently, I am a candidate in the MS in media management program, while also participating in the Emerging Talent Associate Program at Warner Music Group. Throughout my time at Fordham, I have interned at other music labels and related businesses, hoping to find myself as a music marketer post-grad, as I love finding new music and sharing it. During my undergraduate experience, I was super involved on campus and continue to be now, serving as the VP for Events in our Media and Entertainment Alliance. As a peer advisor, I hope to welcome and encourage new students, so they have as great a Fordham experience as I’ve had!

MS Media Management
New York, NY

As the digital marketing and events specialist at the Gabelli School and a MS in Media Management candidate, as well as an alumna of Fordham University’s Class of 2016, I am thrilled to represent the school and support new students through their transition. I am looking forward to further working with internal members of the Gabelli School community and helping those just joining to become as comfortable as possible in a new environment during this challenging time in our world. I am excited to get started with my fellow Gabelli School Peer Advisors!

MS Media Management
New York, NY / New Jersey

I am Emme McCrink and I am pursuing a Master of Science in media management from the Gabelli School of Business. In 2020, I earned my Bachelor of Science in global business with a concentration in global marketing and consumer insights from the Gabelli School. As an undergraduate, I was a student intern in Fordham’s Development and University Relations department, where I helped to organize events for the business school. I now continue to fulfill this role as a graduate assistant, and I am currently working on the Gabelli School Centennial Virtual Speaker Series. I was also selected to be a member of the Gabelli Centennial Working committee, and I have the privilege of working with other students, alumni, and faculty to provide engaging opportunities for the school community. During my spring semester, I am serving as a teaching assistant for an undergraduate course where I am responsible for mentoring students as they compete in the business school’s Consulting Challenge.

I also studied French as an undergraduate student, and I have a passion for French culture and history, as well as fashion, music, and traveling. I am enjoying learning about career opportunities in my graduate program, and I hope to pursue a career in media that incorporates my passions and interests. I am looking forward to being a peer advisor and helping students get involved in all the wonderful opportunities that Fordham has to offer!

MS Business Analytics
Riverdale, NY

My name is Zev and I am currently living in Riverdale. Before I came to Fordham, I worked as a data analyst for a small court transcription company called eScribers in New York City. I’m pursuing a master’s degree in business analytics at Fordham. After I graduate, I would love to go to a large company like Disney or Netflix where analytics is intertwined with their global goals. In my spare time, I’m either trying to get a black belt in Taekwondo (I’m just a mere red belt right now) or working on my skills in the kitchen.

MS Global Finance
Mumbai, India

I am a computer engineer and a finance enthusiast who loves playing around with numbers. My hobbies include playing badminton, cycling, cooking, reading, and traveling to new places. I believe the Gabelli School Graduate Peer Advisor program is an excellent platform to hone communication and leadership skills and interact with students from different cultures around the world.

MS Professional Accounting
Phoenix, Arizona

I graduated from Fordham as an undergraduate this past May and am excited to return to again this fall! I have interned twice at Deloitte in advisory and audit. I am also extremely interested in sustainable accounting and have served as a SASB ambassador for Fordham for the past 3 years. I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, before I moved to NYC for school. In my free time, I love hiking, skiing, and trying new restaurants with friends. Since I am going into my 5th year at Fordham, I am more than happy to help anyone navigate the Gabelli School of Business and love helping other succeed!

MS Marketing Intelligence
Shanghai, China

My name is Yuan (Jason) Wang! I am from Shanghai, China! I am currently a master’s student in the marketing intelligence program. Before I joined the MSMI program, I was an undergrad at the Gabelli School of Business, majoring in global business with a concentration in consumer insights, and I have previously worked at ad agencies serving clients like Budweiser, Busch Beer, and CVS Pharmacy. After graduation, I would love to either continue working in the advertising industry or take on a more strategic role in the marketing department at a large CPG company. One of my biggest interests has always been cooking because it is the one connection I have with my family and my hometown. This is my ninth year in America, so cooking Shanghainese food reminds me so much of home!

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