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Gabelli Graduate School Peer Advisors

The Gabelli Graduate Peer Advising program connects established graduate students with incoming new students to provide support, guidance, and information and help with their transition to the Gabelli School of Business and New York City. Gabelli Graduate Peer Advisors also work with the Office of Graduate Advising and Student Engagement, university administrators, and the Student Advisory Council (SAC) to collaborate on ideas and represent their Gabelli graduate program.

Please feel free to connect with any of our peer advisors of your choosing, whether because they are participating in the same academic program as you, or because they have similar backgrounds, hobbies, or career interests as you! You may contact them directly and individually using their emails below, or via the “Ask Your Peer Advisor” tab in your Microsoft Teams program channel.

Urvesh Bhadani
MS Business Analytics
MS Management
Surat, India

I am a student pursuing a consecutive degree at Fordham University – MS in Business Analytics and MS Management. I am a fitness fanatic who likes to play soccer. Apart from that, I am a voracious reader who loves to read biographies of famous personalities. When I came to Fordham, there were people who guided and helped me, and I realized how difficult it would be for me if no one were there. Therefore, I want to partake in this journey and help those who are in need.

Amanda Bush
MS Professional Accounting
Cranford, New Jersey

I am currently earning my Master’s in Accounting while I simultaneously study for the CPA exam. I attended Fordham University for my undergraduate education as well, majoring in Public Accounting. I completed a virtual internship at KPMG this summer and will be starting my career at KPMG as an Audit Associate next year. I was very involved with mentoring and advising students throughout my undergraduate years – I was a New Student Orientation leader, Gabelli School of Business Freshman Advising Mentor, and a University Ambassador for the Rose Hill Society (a tour guide). I enjoyed all of these positions so much and wanted to continue my role helping and advising students as a graduate student. I love working with people, and I am really looking forward to being a resource for students throughout the year!

Nazih El Chbeir
MS Global Finance
Beirut, Lebanon

My name is Nazih, but you can call me Naz or Nano if you prefer. I was born in Sydney and grew up in Lebanon and the UAE. I was raised in a predominantly English-speaking household by my Lebanese father and Russian mother, with a lot of French influence as well from my father’s side. I am always happy to meet and connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds from all around the world. Aside from my interest in the Finance industry, I also enjoy watching basketball and stand-up comedy as well as biking around NYC. I practice yoga on a daily basis, which I consider the best way to maintain a healthy spine to counteract sitting all the time, while also trying not to annoyingly preach about its benefits! I chose to become a Gabelli Peer Advisor because I genuinely enjoy providing recommendations and insights to people where I am able to.

Alanna Galdi
MS Media Management
Somerset, New Jersey

I am a dog lover, health and fitness enthusiast, and budding interior designer from Central New Jersey. This is my fifth year as a student at Fordham; as a 2019 graduate of Fordham College at Lincoln Center, my passion for learning encouraged me to further my education at Gabelli. I challenge myself to become more involved in the MS in Media Management program, where I found my interest in Marketing. I became a Gabelli Peer Advisor because I wanted to share my passion and foster meaningful connections with other students. I wanted the opportunity to share my excitement about the program with incoming students and answer their questions, so they know they made the right choice by choosing Gabelli.

Parth Kothia
MS Global Finance
Ahmedabad, India

I have completed my undergraduate as a Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering from India. Further, I have worked in industries like Corporate Strategy Consulting and Private Equity in India as well. For my career interests, I look forward to working in Management Consulting in the US. Some of my interests are exploring new food places in the city, adventure sports like hiking, and taking a jog in Central Park or cycling when the weather is good. I became a Gabelli Peer Advisor because I was inspired by my experience at Gabelli Business School. As an international, first-time graduate student far away from my home country, through the hassle to transition from one country to another, continuing students guided me for a smooth transition. I think by becoming Gabelli Peer Advisor, I can help incoming students by sharing new places in the city to explore, and providing guidance on various resources for a smooth transition to their academic programs and life in New York City.

Kevin Lee
MS Quantitative Finance
New York, NY

I joined the program after working five years in the finance industry. Gabelli has provided me with tremendous opportunities, and I always seek ways to give back. I love helping students to excel in whichever path they pursue. I enjoy interacting with people and bringing out the best of themselves.

Tianqi Lin
MS Quantitative Finance
Beijing, China

I go by Lexi, and I was born and raised in Beijing, China. I received my bachelor’s degree in Financial Engineering from the Central University of Finance and Economics. In my spare time, I enjoy playing sports, visiting museums, going grocery shopping, and learning new languages. I am very excited about this opportunity to become a peer advisor and help my peers adjust to life in a new city, a new campus, and a new culture. This fabulous campus and fancy city have brought me so many stories, and I cannot wait to share them with new students. The upcoming academic year will be wonderful, but certainly in a different way.

Yuehan Liu
MS Media Management
Wuhu, China

I used to be a TV program director in China and had lots of experience in TV production. Now, I am studying media management at Fordham, and I plan to continue to pursue my media dream after graduation. Photography, movies, and cooking are my favorite hobbies. The reason why I became a Gabelli Peer Advisor is that I really enjoy life at Fordham and I want to do something to give back to this fabulous community.

Hayley Magrin
MS Media Management
New York, NY

As the Digital Marketing and Events Specialist and an M.S. in Media Management candidate at the Gabelli School of Business, as well as an alumna of Fordham University’s class of 2016, I am thrilled to represent the school and support new students through their transition. I am looking forward to further working directly with internal members of the Gabelli School community and helping those just joining to become as comfortable as possible in a new environment during this challenging time in our world. I am excited to get started with my fellow Gabelli Peer Advisors!

Siyuan Ren
MS Marketing Intelligence
Ningbo, China

I chose to be a Gabelli Peer Advisor because it gives me the opportunity to meet new people from different cultures.  I also want to share my experiences not only as a student in Gabelli, but also as a new New Yorker.

Dana Seach
MS Media Management
Jupiter, Florida

I am in my final semester of the MS in Media Management program. I received my undergraduate degree in Film and Television and have a background in Theatre. I have worked primarily as a Production Stage Manager but have enjoyed working as an Assistant Director and Production Assistant for theatre and film as well. After completing my degree, I am looking forward to pursuing a career in media production!

I am excited to be a Gabelli Graduate Peer Advisor because I enjoy being involved on campus and encouraging others to engage academically and socially. I was drawn to Fordham due to the sense of community it upholds. I have found community-building to be particularly strong within the Media Management program, and I want to reinforce this effort by welcoming all new students and offering support throughout their transition.

Priyank Singal
MS Global Finance
Mumbai, India

I am a computer engineer and a finance enthusiast who loves playing around with numbers. My hobbies include playing badminton, cycling, cooking, reading, and traveling to new places. I believe the Gabelli Peer Advisor program is an excellent platform to hone communication and leadership skills as well as interact with students from different cultures around the world.

Dhiya Siseido
MS Media Management
Jakarta, Indonesia

My background is in broadcast media & tech. I love sports, traveling, cooking, and watching The Real Housewives. My Gabelli Peer Advisor always has my back and I want to do the same thing for the incoming students. You are never alone at Fordham!

Juan Villafrade
MS Global Finance
Cali, Colombia

My name is Juan Villafrade, I was born and raised in Cali-Colombia, the capital of salsa and charismatic hosts. I am passionate about dancing (salsa or hip hop), recording sunsets, gastronomy, and traveling to big cities and national parks. I am curious, career-driven, and goal-oriented, therefore I love to network, learn about different cultures, and advance on my path to becoming an M&A Strategy Executive.

I am excited to be a Gabelli Peer Advisor because like many of our new students, I had questions, doubts and fears when embarking on this new journey.  NYC and Graduate School seem like an overwhelming thought, but trust me, the experience is beyond worth it.  Personally, I want to give new students a hand to navigate the transition process to amazing NYC and the Gabelli School of Business.

Kaylee Wong
MS Professional Accounting
Phoenix, Arizona

I graduated from Fordham undergraduate this past May, and I am excited to return to Gabelli Graduate School again this Fall! I have interned twice at Deloitte in Advisory and Audit. I am also extremely interested in Sustainable Accounting and have served as a SASB ambassador for Fordham for the past 3 years. I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona before I moved to NYC for school. In my free time, I love hiking, skiing, and trying new restaurants with friends. Since I am going into my 5th year at Fordham, I am more than happy to help anyone navigate the Gabelli School of Business and love helping other succeed!

Juanjia Yuan
MS Business Analytics
New York, NY

As an international student like many others, I share the same feeling deeply with those who came to study in the United States for the first time. I want to utilize my experience and knowledge to help new students navigate their new life in the U.S.

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