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Technology Requirements

Fordham IT fosters imaginative and safe use of technology for all. We provide training, technical support, and state-of-art equipment and applications in support of teaching, learning, and scholarship.

Gabelli School graduate business students are required to have an appropriate laptop prior to starting their academic program. We suggest that you purchase a laptop with abilities beyond your need today, keeping in mind that your needs will change over time. Generally, we recommend laptops targeted towards business professionals that tend to emphasize performance and durability. Please review the current Fordham University technology requirements.

While there is no one perfect laptop, you should consider:

• Do you want a lightweight model with the longest possible battery life?
• Would you trade-off slightly heavier weight for more functionality?
• Is it important for you to have a larger keyboard and display?

Windows vs. Mac

Certain applications that are necessary to complete courses at the Gabelli School may not run on macOS (Macintosh operating system). Those programs require a Windows environment. If you intend to purchase a new laptop, we highly recommend that you purchase a computer that already runs Windows natively (not a Mac). It should be noted that that the latest models from Apple using their proprietary M1 processors are not currently capable of running Windows. As such, those devices are insufficient for your studies at the Gabelli School. For these reasons, we recommend that anyone who has to purchase a new laptop to meet the School’s minimum computing requirements selects a native Windows machine. Should you choose to purchase a Mac, in-class support for the device and virtualized Windows will be limited or unavailable.

If you already own and intend to use a Mac, you are required to set up Windows on your Mac using VirtualBox. To have a fully supported Mac at the Gabelli School, among other minimum requirements you must have macOS Mojave (version 10.14) or higher. You will also need to have a minimum of 50 GB of free space in your hard drive to accommodate the Windows installation (approximately 35 GB).

Fordham University’s Microsoft Campus Agreement will cover the actual installation of Windows free of charge once you have allocated space in your Mac’s hard drive.

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