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Tuition and Fees

To assist you in your financial planning, estimated 2021-2022 charges for tuition and fees are listed below. Direct charges are billed to you by Fordham University.

DIRECT CHARGES (Estimated) Amount
Tuition $1,732 per credit
General Fee $84 per term
Technology Access Fee $168 per term
Health Insurance* $1,292 Fall term; $2,100 Spring term
Enrichment Fee** $3,750 first term of study only
International Student Fee*** $40 per term
*Health Insurance charges can be waived by providing proof of sufficient coverage.
**Enrichment Fee is a mandatory fee charged in the 1st term only. This fee covers enrichment activities throughout the duration of your time as a Gabelli student. This includes, but is not limited to, activities associated with Gabelli Launch, Gabelli Plus, leadership development, specialized workshops and seminars, and guest speakers.
***Not applicable to U.S. students.

Indirect costs are an estimate of various other expenses you can anticipate while attending college. Indirect costs are not billed by Fordham.

INDIRECT CHARGES (Estimated) Amount
Books and Supplies $2,468
Personal Miscellaneous $3,801
Living expenses $18,136

Calculate your Estimated Direct Charges for the Academic Year

Sum the # of credits you plan on enrolling in for the Fall, Spring and Summer terms.
Total # of credits = ____# Fall term credit + _____# Spring term credits + ____# Summer term credits

Total # of credits = $1,732 X [Total # of credits] = Estimated Annual Tuition

Estimated Annual Tuition + Estimated Annual Fees = Estimated Annual Direct Charges
Cost of Attendance = the sum of your direct and indirect charges.

As per Federal policies, students can receive assistance in the form of scholarships, grants, and loans up to their cost of attendance.

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