Success story: “People skills” land Francesca Forlivio a job in HR

FrancescaFrancesca Forlivio (GSB’14) is proof that dreams really do come true.

After interning for four consecutive summers at The John M. Glover Insurance Agency in South Norwalk, Connecticut, Francesca was offered a full-time position in the human resources department.

What sealed the deal? In addition to her dedication to her internships, Francesca didn’t hide her strong interest in starting an HR department there.

In her new role, she will help to establish a new department for the 150+ employee agency, something she considers an unusual opportunity for a new college graduate. She will also work with management to develop a training curriculum for new hires, develop job descriptions and conduct initial interviews. In time, she hopes to conduct training classes of her own.

“I love listening to people and finding/creating solutions, so this position is ideal for my personality,” Francesca said. “I also get to learn more about HR as I work on projects, which will help me eventually go to graduate school for human resource management or management in general.:

Francesca, a native of Darien, Connecticut, credits several business courses for preparing her for this exciting opportunity, including business law, business communication and personal leadership, in addition to two other internships.

Best of luck to you, Francesca, as you begin your new position!

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