Professor Raghupathi wins IBM award

We’ve been waiting to post this to GabelliConnect until all of our students were back to hear the great news:

Professor RP Raghupathi was one of 14 university professors around the world to win an IBM Big Data and Analytics Faculty Award, which comes with a $10,000 grant. Congratulations!

IBM chose Professor Raghupathi for the award based on his commitment to developing new courses that show students how “big data” can advance the business world and society.

As part of this award proposal, he created a new elective — offered at the graduate school — that helps students understand the complex issues that revolve around the use of data: governance, ethics, privacy and security, and data quality.

Professor Raghupathi’s work is bringing Fordham to the forefront of socially conscious, technology-oriented business education. Through his faculty research center, the Center for Digital Transformation, he has had a historically strong relationship with IBM, a company that has front-burnered its commitment to finding new ways for computing to benefit cities, communities and the planet.



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