Survey: Morgan Stanley likes to hire Fordham graduates

Fordham University is a "feeder school" for Morgan Stanley, according to a recent survey.

Fordham University is a “feeder school” for Morgan Stanley, according to a recent survey.

When it comes to getting a job at Morgan Stanley, a degree from Fordham University’s Schools of Business may provide an edge, according to a survey conducted by Business Insider.

Using LinkedIn’s college search tool, the magazine sought to gauge which universities were “feeder schools” for the financial giant. Fordham ranked 12th on that list.

The magazine pointed out that getting a job at Morgan Stanley is not easy. Out of 90,000 who applied for a summer internship in 2014, only 1,000 were accepted, a 1.1-percent rate that is lower than the admission rate in some Ivy League schools.

Investment-banking associates, the magazine wrote, make about $230,000 after bonuses.

Business Insider’s survey showed that 185 Fordham alumni had jobs at Morgan Stanley. The Jesuit university is one of four area schools on the list, along with Baruch College, City University of New York (482 alumni); New York University (480 alumni); and Rutgers University (383 alumni).

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