HuffPost features students urging action on climate change

Brendan Dagher speaks during a Huffington Post video about climate change and corporate responsibility.

Brendan Dagher, FCRH ’16, speaks during a Huffington Post video about climate change and corporate responsibility (see below for video).

Fordham students have a message for corporate America: Change the way you do business and make sustainability a priority in order to combat climate change.

Several students joined Huffington Post to make a video (scroll down for player!) calling out corporate CEOs and demanding they adopt better business practices. The idea for the video was launched at a dinner attended by Associate Professor Michael Pirson, sustainable business advocate Hunter Lovins, and Jo Confino, the executive editor of impact and innovation at Huffington Post.

“Take a stand now, because it will send a message that it’s time to act,” Brendan Dagher, FCRH ’16, says in the video.

Pirson helped Confino find students for the project. He said the students came from around the university: graduate students and undergraduates at the Gabelli School of Business, and undergraduates from Fordham College. The video was shot on Sept. 22.

Pirson said he was encouraged that some business leaders have spoken out recently and made commitments to embrace sustainable practices, for whichever reasons may have motivated them.

Here is the full video:

Students Urge Business Leaders To Take A Stand On Climate Change from Fordham University on Vimeo.


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