Dual-Degree Programs

In today’s business world, advanced degrees carry an ever-greater advantage in helping graduates distinguish themselves in the eyes of potential employers. Certain self-directed, academically capable students can complete their Fordham business education through the master’s level in five years.

Dual-degree participants choose a B.S./M.B.A. or a B.S./M.S. track, and, within each, select specific majors and concentrations. Students might concentrate both degrees in one field — a B.S. in marketing and an M.B.A. in marketing, for example — or two different ones, such as a B.S. in finance with an M.B.A. in management.

Admission to the dual-degree programs is by application only and is overseen by Brian Dunn (bdunn@fordham.edu). Follow these links to learn more:

B.S./M.B.A. program:

CPA-licensure-qualifying B.S./M.B.A. or B.S./M.S. programs: