Media-industry panel tackles career questions

img_4805The media industry has itself been in the media lately. From discussions about its changing landscape to questions about its role in current events, there’s no shortage of interest when it comes to an industry perpetually in the limelight.

For students itching to find their place in this sector, the graduate Media and Entertainment Alliance panel on Careers in the Media Industry was a great place to start.

The panel included: Caryn Bogush, MBA ’15, senior manager, marketplace development at Horizon Media; Chardia Christophe, associate director, event, partnership and audience development marketing at NewBay Media; Ed Carey, adjunct instructor and global vice president at Dun & Bradstreet; and Grace Zhang, MS ’13, MBA ’17, senior analyst at MediaCom.

Advice from the panelists:

  • Look for anything digital. The world is going digital, and it’s all the more apparent in the media industry/
  • Startups are the perfect place to get your foot in the door.
  • No matter what job you are applying for, the interview is the most important step in landing it. Do your research.
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