At MSG, some lessons on success for sports society

Fordham Business of Sports Society members visited Madison Square Garden recently.

Fordham Business of Sports Society members visited Madison Square Garden recently.

By Jenna Johnson

There is no perfect formula for success, but Christelle Durand, FCRH ’10, has a good description of what it takes.

“Success comes from the combination of hard work and passion, but do not be afraid to ask for help when you need it,” Durand, the manager of Teams Integrated Marketing for MSG Sports, told Fordham Business of Sports Society students during a site visit to Madison Square Garden recently.

Durand was a communications and visual arts student before the Business of Sports Society was created, and she shared with students her story of how she got her start in the sports industry.

During her years at the university, Durand saw that Fordham Athletics needed help in its marketing department, and she decided to volunteer. After graduating from Fordham and later receiving her master’s degree in sports management from Georgetown University, she capitalized on her many internships and strong network and was ultimately offered a position with MSG, a job that she says keeps both her body and her brain busy.

What is the most surprising part of her role developing marketing campaigns for the New York Rangers and the New York Knicks?

Durand said it is how closely all departments work together and how much collaboration goes into making a successful product. She also said she is pleasantly surprised that her colleagues are always willing to help one another on a project when needed.

Students also heard from Colleen Stratton, manager of human resources for MSG. She said that when looking through résumés, she zeroes in on the candidates who have had jobs that “show they are willing to do the work,” such as working in a box office or as a team mascot.

After hearing from the staff, the attending BSSF members took part in the MSG All Access Tour, visiting the VIP suites and seeing the arena from many angles, including from the unique Chase Bridge.

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