“Do”s and “Don’t”s of attending the Brit Awards as a commoner

There’s no doubt this one falls into the “only in London” category: Students at the Gabelli School program in London got to attend the Brit Awards last week. Mimi Daluga (FCRH ’14) offers her pointers for surviving — and thriving at — Britain’s star-studded pop music awards extravaganza.


DO wear something glamorous. Some commoners wore jeans, but you want to dress to impress (in case there’s a One Direction sighting).
DO walk the red carpet. Pretend you’re famous for a night!
DON'T wait around at the red carpet. It’s too cold and too crowded. You might get a picture like this. (Hi, Taylor!)
DO take off your heels during the show. You’ve got a long night ahead of you.
DON'T get a nosebleed from how high your seats are.
DO applaud like the announcer tells you repeatedly throughout the night.
DON'T scream whenever you think you might have seen Harry Styles. You probably didn’t.
DO scope out where One Direction is sitting and use your zoom as a spy cam the rest of the night.
DON'T forget to breathe when One Direction is performing “One Way or Another.”
DO soak it all in. You’re breathing the same air as some of Britain’s (and the world’s) most talented performers: Robbie Williams, Ed Sheeran, Mumford & Sons, Justin Timberlake ... and 1D, of course.
DON'T be embarrassed if you cry when Mumford & Sons performs “I Will Wait.” It’s OK; their music is a gift from God.
DON'T pretend you enjoyed Taylor Swift’s performance. It was weird.
DO go to the Justin Timberlake AfterShow. Worth. Every. Penny.
DON'T forget to have the TIME of your LIFE.

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