The road to Fordham begins in Beijing

__What would it be like to drop everything, leave your home country and come to Fordham to study in the United States for the first time?

(A couple of hundred Gabelli School students already know — they’ve done it.)

The honest truth is that it could be a little overwhelming. To make life easier for a group of Chinese students who will soon arrive in New York to begin their master’s degrees in business, Fordham brought “pre-orientation” to them.

Beijing Pre-Orientation 11Pre-orientation gives international students a leg up in understanding the academic and social culture they are about to enter. Last week’s Beijing edition was run on the campus of Peking University by Professor John Yang, who also oversees Fordham’s involvement in the Beijing International MBA (BiMBA) program.

Above and below are some photos of our pre-orientation participants and the beautiful PKU campus where the sessions were held. We look forward to seeing them at Lincoln Center in late August!

Beijing Pre-Orientation 8

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